8 March 2016

Dose of Colors Merlot

Dose of Colors Merlot Review Swatch

If you're going to a wedding or any special occasion and you're looking for a lipstick that you don't need to reapply throughout the event, I'd probably suggest this product right here! Dose of Colors in Merlot is seriously my definition of "most long-lasting" lip product.

Dose of Colors Merlot Review Swatch
The doe foot applicator is quite big and slanted which works in its favor. 
It's super easy to spread the product on the lips.
BUT the fibers look very messy.

Dose of Colors Merlot Review Swatch

Dose of Colors Merlot Review Swatch
MOTD: Etude House Stay Up Foundation, Suesh Concealers, Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade, Stila eyeliner, Makeup Revolution eyeshadow, Sleek Rose Gold, and Dose of Colors in Merlot.

Dose of Colors Merlot Review Swatch
A little pic of me and my friends. They're part of the entourage, so that's why they're wearing the same gown colors lol.

Dose of Colors in Merlot Review:
So, basically I went to my friend's wedding in Fernbrook, Alabang last weekend. I wanted to wear my Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll lippie BUT I thought what if the bride wore red? I didn't want to be a scene stealer. It's her day after all. So, I thought to myself "what's my most long-lasting lip product that can withstand eating and a 12-hour wear?" in just 3-seconds, I already had an answer. It had to be Dose of Colors in Merlot. 

Merlot is not red-red. It's quite a deep pink too. This is a super fun color because when I wear it in the morning, it seems super bright that people actually take a second or third look on my lips. But when I wore it in the evening, it just fits in perfectly. It also contrasted very well with the gown I'm wearing. It was super comfortable on the lips and I didn't even need to re-apply the product.

Packaging is quite simple with a thick round glass and it seems very sturdy... like if you drop it (which I always do. I'm sorry) you don't have to check if it cracked. The product is super duper pigmented and I actually don't find the need to reapply through the whole work day. It does fade though... the color wouldn't look as vibrant as first applied, but it still looks super good, like it didn't budge at all. This matte liquid lipstick doesn't dry powdery-matte and if you press your lips together, it can feel a little sticky. I never feel like my lips are drying whenever I wear this though... it's very comfortable. Do take note that it does transfer when you drink or eat throughout the day, but like I said, the color just looks less vibrant, so you never have to worry ending up with just the lip-liner look. It also feathers around the lips but nothing too drastic. It's totally okay to wear this one without lip liner. Lastly, no harsh smell + no taste, which is always a good thing :)

This is my most long-lasting lip product because it stains the lips. I actually find it quite difficult to remove. You really need a makeup remover for this one or else you'll end up wearing this the next day. Lol. I don't see a lot of people talking about these lipsticks and I think it's totally underrated. They deserve more hype.

I got mine from @all_about_authentic on Instagram.

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