14 March 2016

Brush Cleansing Pad by Bossy

Brush Cleansing Pad by Bossy

I hate cleaning my makeup brushes.

I think cleaning brushes is a hassle and a waste of time. Why can't the gods of makeup brushes make them self-cleaning? Haha. But anyway, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. And of course, I need good tools to lessen my suffering and this is where the Bossy Cleansing Pad comes in. 

Brush Cleansing Pad by Bossy

Brush Cleansing Pad by Bossy Review
I first thought it was a flat cleansing pad. I didn't know that it had a grip on the back.

Honestly, the reason I bought this is because I thought I could just lay it down near the sink and swirl my brushes on them. I was so wrong. Sorry bebs, I'm just a lazy girl. Hahaha.

The cleansing pad actually has two sides -- two textures which I love and found to be helpful in removing grime from my makeup brushes. I like those two textures and the design's made of swirls, circles and hearts too. It's really cute with the baby pink color. 

Well, does it work in cleaning makeup brushes? Yes. The two textures really help when you swirl your brushes on them. Also, size is not an issue for me unlike my Brush Egg. I can clean my blush brushes, powder brushes and I can also use my smaller brushes for this one. 

For cons, I would say it's quite hard to hold and I don't like putting the grip in between my fingers too. I find that this cleansing pad is too thin, soft and wobbles a lot. I'd actually prefer to cut the grip at the back to make it flat. The way I cleaned my brushes using this one was by holding the grip more like how I hold a door knob when opening the door. 

All in all, love the two sides and textures, love the size of the cleansing pad and it's actually a good tool for brush cleaning. But the two cons for me would be the brush pad being too soft, wobbly and I'd prefer it to be flat. Still a good buy at PHP 150 from Suesh. I'd still use it.

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