8 February 2016

Skin Care Routine: January 2016

Safeguard Derma Defense Acne Facial Wash

I'll be sharing with you my latest skincare routine and what I've been using since last year. There are a few "special care" products which I didn't include here such as products that I use for exfoliation, moisturizing, sun blocks, body care, makeup removers et cetera. Let me know if you want a post for those! These are just the products that I use on an everyday basis and so, they've become the "basic" essentials for me that I have to bring even if I'm going on a trip.

At the end of my day, my routine starts with removing makeup. I usually use Bifesta when I'm lazy or Banila Co when I have a lot of makeup on.

After that, I use the Safeguard Derma Sense facial wash for acne prone skin. You can see the review here. I've repurchased this a lot of times already and the bigger bottle is getting harder to find. I also suggested this to some of you guys and I'm glad to know that it also worked for you

After washing my face, I use the iWhite Korea Aqua moisturizer to bring back moisture into my skin. (Click here for the review) I love that the Safeguard facial wash doesn't dry my skin out, but I also like the feeling of hydration and the cooling effect this moisturizer has.

For treating acne, I use the Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Cream (Click here for the review) or Purveyor of the LushI've been using Pasjel last year but I ran out and I wasn't able to find the product because the store I bought it from moved. For the meantime, I used Purveyor of the Lush which is also designed for oily, acne-prone and blemished skin.

Which is more effective? I would say both are equally good. Pasjel comes as a cream while Purveyor of the Lush comes as an oil. Both dry out my pimples with no peeling effect experienced. They both heal the skin and not just dry it out, so don't expect overnight results, probably a few days to a week, depending on the condition of your acne. As of now, I use Pasjel on weekdays. And on the weekends, I use Purveyor of the Lush -- or vice versa, it just depends on my mood.

Last for my night routine would be eye cream. My under-eye area is almost always dry and the QUICKFX Eye Lift Cream helps moisturize it. Not only does it help soothe my dry under-eyes, it also helps prevent dark circles. (Click here for the review).

Meanwhile, my morning routine starts something like this. Safeguard facial wash, and then I use the iWhite Korea Aqua moisturizer, then QUICKFX eye cream to moisturize the under-eyes. I actually have a Smashbox under-eye primer, but I really prefer the eye lift cream. Then I'll go with face primer and so on.

And that's what's on rotation right now. Probably going to a new skin care routine soon just because the weather will be changing.

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