19 February 2016


QUICKFX CC Cream Review

I finally found a CC cream that really color corrects!

Dealing with hormonal acne in your quarter life sucks. Two weeks good skin, two weeks bad skin doesn't really help when you see people the same age as you who's already "run through the course." But you know what, it's a good thing that there are already products in the market that target specific skin problems.

Let's talk about blemishes and the QUICK FX CC Cream!

QUICKFX CC Cream Review

QUICKFX CC Cream Review
First of all, dealing with two weeks bad skin means pimples popping up. And when they decide to "leave for the mean time" I'm always left with new blemishes! Now, good thing there's CC creams. CC creams have a lot of meanings, but usually they all function the same and that's to color correct your blemishes or spots.

I've used a few CC creams before but all I noticed was they acted as a base and whitened my whole face. BUT not this one. This QUICK FX CC Cream is kind of greenish-white. I believe the green in this cream neutralizes redness of the blemishes. Just look at the photo above! I didn't put any concealer or whatsoever. It just calmed my blemishes and color corrected it. This CC cream is a great base for your concealers or your foundations.

Do remember that this is a skin care product. You may experience purging, but at least try it for a month since it actually takes the skin three weeks to get used to a new product. I tried this and the funny thing was it acts as a great color corrector on my cheeks and chin but for the forehead, I noticed small bumps. 

I let my sisters use this since we have different skin types -- me having oily acne prone skin, my other sister who has dry skin and my eldest sister having normal but sensitive skin. For me, I already told you that my cheeks were clear but I noticed small bumps on the forehead -- not cystic though (good thing because those are harder to heal) so it's really just my skin's reaction. My sister who had dry skin, she had a clear face but noticed bumps on her nose area. My eldest sister who had normal but sensitive skin experienced nothing. She didn't have any allergies whatsoever. I guess it just depends on your skin type. This is where the hiyangan part comes in.

I find that it actually moisturizes the face and when it dries, your face doesn't look shiny. I didn't notice that my skin got drier/oilier while using this product. There wasn't also any tightening effect whatsoever. Do take note that it has a mild scent that goes away after some time. And also, for the blemishes, yup, I did notice some blemishes lighten up in the long run. So, all in all, I like it especially because it doesn't just whiten my face. This is a CC Cream that really color corrects your skin tone.

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