1 February 2016

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Review

I felt the need for exfoliation so I'm writing this review while wearing the iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle. So, in about two minutes -- more or less, I need to leave this keyboard and wash my face. Haha. Oh wait, I like the feeling of aloe melting, so I guess I'll leave it on for a little more. But anyway, I'll share with you my experience while using this really cool product.

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Review

Gel-like consistency but when your skin warms it up, it turns liquidy.
iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Review
Okay, so this is what it looks like applied. It's clear and you can actually see my dead skin granules here.
iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Review
Before and after -- okay, not the best angle and lighting but my phone camera really did focus and picked up all the light on my face after I used the product. P.S. I have velcro on my hair to keep the bangs away.

It's a special wash-off mask that gives the skin a healthy dose of whitening care and maintenance with all natural active ingredients. Apparently, the skin will receive pampering nourishment, hydration and relaxation. This mask also helps the prevention and reduction of acne and controls excessive oiliness while keeping skin moisturized.

How to use it?
On a cleansed, dry face, apply a sufficient amount avoiding the eye area. Once the mask is spread evenly, simply leave it on your face and after 2 minutes, start to gently massage your face using circular motions. That step helps seal in the active ingredients into the skin while gently exfoliating it. After massage, completely wash off the mask with water.

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Review
First let's talk about the size. This comes in an 8ml sachet which is very handy to keep in your room or even while traveling. One sachet can last me two to three uses and I just put sticky tape at the part where I opened it and it can last that way for weeks without even drying up.

The formula is amazingly cool. It's like an aloe gel, quite thick (so you know that this isn't a moisturizer) and when you apply it on your face, after 2 minutes, it becomes liquidy because of your body heat. Time can vary depending on your skin.

Now, when I started to massage it on the face, I noticed that there was something grainy. I looked at the gel again just to see if it had small gel capsules in the mix but there was none. I looked more closely on my face and noticed that the grains were actually dead skin. Haha. Just in two minutes, it managed to magnet my dead skin and exfoliating became super easy. When it was time to wash my face, I noticed it felt super smooth and soft. If you notice that the skin still feels quite slippery, it means that there's still some product left and you have to just rinse it off with water.

Overall, it's a really cool product that instantly magnets dead skin cells and makes your skin feel super soft and smooth. The product actually does all the work for you in lifting dead skin making it easier for you to remove them. No need to rub your skin with hard face brushes anymore! This is a go-to for the weekends. You just need to sit back, relax, and let iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle do the exfoliation work for you.

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