22 February 2016

Gluta Nano 800k, 900k Prime Review

Gluta Nano 800k 900k Prime Review
How about a review of Gluta Nano 800K and 900K for you today? Here goes my experience...

The reason why I took glutathione was because of my t-shirt tan lines from work. Uneven skin just doesn't look good. I'm not going to dive into what glutathione is and all that scientific stuff, but basically it detoxifies the body and the "side effect" is that your skin will be lighter. At first, I was planning to use this for vanity but then I realized how unhealthy I am, so I really did need a detox. Plus points for glutathione decreasing my chances of having Parkinsons Disease.

Anyway, I'm not a regular user of whitening capsules. Actually, I only took like three or four bottles of gluta capsules in my life -- all because I went to the beach and I got tanned. I computed which one costs more... buying new foundations, concealers, powders -- basically makeup to match my current skin tone OR drinking glutathione? Well obviously, glutathione was cheaper.

I've used very reputable brands in the past, brands that were either sold in department stores or drugstores. But I got curious on why these Thailand gluta capsules were super cheap. I asked a friend from Thailand and apparently, whitening is a big thing in Thailand. Brands were producing more and more products -- result was whitening products just became more affordable because of the various supply.

Okay, going back... I bought Gluta Nano 900K from Trinoma and then after I finished the bottle, I did notice a difference. I was quite okay with the results, my skin did get a little lighter and almost evened out my t-shirt tan lines, SO I decided to buy more.

I researched more and saw people saying to combine 800K and 900K would bring faster results. I bought three different products... the 800K, 900K and Gluta Prime. I combined 800K and 900K for a few days. What happened? I got darker! I know a blogger who noticed it too but it took her two weeks to notice it. Good thing I got a premonition... YES. Believe it!!! I took out a capsule from 900K (the one I was hiyang to) and I took out a capsule of 800K but then the 800K just slipped from my hands and while I was trying to find it, I noticed that my arms got darker. I was thinking huh? That can't be. I wasn't staying out too long in the sun and I use SPF with whitening, so this wasn't supposed to be right. After observing my skin color, I really did notice it got warmer. Like wtf? Okay, so that was how my body reacted to 800K.

Apparently, you take 800K if you want your skin to be warmer and pinker and you take 900K if you want your skin to be more light yellow.

What also happened when I "mixed" the two was I got super cystic pimples! Until now, I have it and I don't know what to do anymore. GRRRR. After so many months of trying to make my skin look flawless again, in just a week, it's gone. And it hasn't stopped.

After doing some research, I had to put in my mind that glutathione detoxifies the body. And skin being the largest part of the body, the toxins going out of the body would probably pass through... YES you got the right answer! Skin! So, hello cystic pimples!

I am back to square one... super bad acne all over the face. I hope this detox session calms the shiz down sooner! I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and this face ain't going nowhere without 100% concealer on le face if that happens :(

Oh, P.S. I experienced itching in the body while intaking these capsules. Also, I switched to another brand -- I switched to the generic glutathione from Watsons and I am still experiencing breakouts. My face is very red right now, cystic pimples on the forehead and a lot of acne on the sides of the face. Now, I'm kind of regretting the decisions I made. I should have gone back to my trusty Mosbeau collagen glutathione. I've never experienced anything bad when I took it.

Oh well, I hope this post helps you if you do ever try these Gluta Nano capsules. Oh and as for the Prime, they said it's a better version of the 900K, so I think it's okay. I won't try it anymore though. I've tossed all of these away.


  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoAugust 28, 2017 9:48 pm

    Hindi nga recommended yang product na yan sis. Anu na gamit mo sis after nung vitapack?

  2. wala pa nga eh. may suggestion ka ba?