26 February 2016

Banila Co Prime Primer Classic

Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Review

If you have oily/combination skin and can't seem to make your foundation stay on your face, I would definitely recommend the Banila Co Prime Primer. I really saw the difference and I'm here to share my experience.

Okay, so I have oily/combination and acne-prone skin. I actually use two primers everyday for work. I know what you're going to say... "what a hassle using two primers" but that's what I do -- OR used to do until I was introduced to Banila Co Prime Primer. Yes, they're here in the country and they brought all their bestselling products with them.

I use the Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional Primer for my nose area and the Smashbox Photo Finish for all over the face. Why? I find that the Smashbox Photo Finish couldn't really hold the oil on my nose and The Porefessional was great but it tends to dry up other areas of my face. Using two primers was a hassle but it was working for me, so I became used to it. See? Combi skin means combo primers. Lol.

But still, I wasn't able to make my L'Oreal True Match foundation last a full work day. I noticed all sorts of different things when I used those two primers together with the foundation. I found dry patches of skin, and some parts where the foundation was completely gone. Tsk. It just couldn't last a whole work day in this temperature and on my face!

One time, I tried Banila Co Prime Primer together with L'Oreal True Match, et voila, it was a great match indeed. I noticed that when I used Prime Primer inside the mall, I didn't really need to retouch. So, what I did was I tested it out for work days. From 2-3 hours before a retouch, I was able to extend it to 4-5 hours before retouch using this primer. I also noticed that the dry patches were gone. Plus it also made my concealers last longer which is amazing because I use a lot of concealer for my blemishes.

This silicon primer is colorless, super easy and soft to apply on the skin -- it just glides on and it doesn't really have a scent. I find that it blurs pores just like the Smashbox Photo Finish but it has greater oil control and makes base products last longer. It comes in a bottle (similar to Etude House BBdation) with a pump which is amazing since it's very hygienic and you can actually control how much product you use. It also has a cap which ensures that you don't accidentally pump product out when you bring this on your makeup bag or your luggage traveling. I didn't experience any skin purging or acne breakout whatsoever. It also works for my other foundations as well.

I know Banila Co has primers specifically for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin et cetera. This Prime Primer Classic is actually for combination skin. When I run out of this primer, I'm sure to purchase it again or maybe I'll try the specific primer for oily skin which is the Prime Primer Matte. I really love this product and I'm so glad I discovered it!

This product retails for PHP 1,060 at your Banila Co stores.

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