29 February 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll Review Swatch

Happy leap year everyone! Just wanted to greet you guys that because we all know it's going to be quite a while before I can say that again.

For today though, I'm here to feature my favorite red lipstick...oh, wait -- my favorite matte red liquid lipstick, the Anastasia Beverly Hills in American Doll.

If you want to see how this compares to Lime Crime Red Velvet, you can check it out here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll Review Swatch

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll Review Swatch

Just a little selfie taken yesterday with the hubz at Glorietta. Oh, and that's a big heart by the way. You can check out #lovemhearts for different giant hearts around the country :)

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll Review
So, it's described as "This ultra-saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours." I love the description! It's so direct to the point just like the product. 

This is my first liquid lipstick and it's really become a perfect red for me. In just one swipe it packs on full coverage for the whole lips and I don't even need to get more product out. The doe foot applicator works great as it applies the product quite wide but you can actually make a crisp liquid line when shaping the lips. The packaging is amazing too. It looks very sleek and high-end with the glass that you can see the color through and it's strong as hell because I've dropped this like 20 times already and surprisingly it's still in tact and there's no cracks. 

As for the texture, this dries faster than my other liquid lipsticks. It's a true matte, almost powdery and there's no sticky feeling when applied or once dry. This liquid lipstick does not feel heavy at all -- you almost feel like you're not wearing any lip product. It doesn't emphasize dry patches and flakes on my lips which I love and it doesn't make my lips feel like the Sahara desert. Once I feel that my lips are getting dry (about 6 hours), I just lick or drink water and they're all good again. I never had the feeling that I need to apply lip balm whatsoever. 

For the staying power, it lasts a whole work day and even longer. If you're eating mainly dry food, there won't be a need to reapply this lipstick until you're going home (just because you don't want to have faded lips). The only time it transfers to food is if the lips are wet -- like when you're drinking water, eating foods that have sauce, oil et cetera. If you're using a straw to drink, you won't even see any lipstick transfer on it. It feathers a little bit throughout the day but it doesn't disappear on your lips completely. 

This lipstick is super pigmented, lasts very long, doesn't make my lips feel dry and it's also the easiest to remove using my makeup remover. I just love this lipstick. It's my favorite formula among my liquid lipsticks and it feels weightless. I have no cons for this and it's my go-to red for dates. Is it kiss proof? Yes. Lol.

I got this from @all_about_authentic on Instagram. You can check out the shades available there.

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