17 February 2016

2016 Goals | Year of the Monkey

New year, new look and new goals!

Well, technically the new year started January 1 -- but since Chinese New Year just started February 8, I'ma go with that. Haha. I'm actually very excited this year of the monkey. Me saying that "I'm excited" is a big deal just because I'm a pessimistic person. I never get much joy out of things. I always think of the worst thing that can happen in every situation.

But this year, I don't know -- there's something different about this year. I'm feeling energized, positive and actually really looking forward to stuff happening this year. Haha. As part of new beginnings, like the new blog look, I made my 2016 goals which include:

1. Take more pictures and selfies.
I hate taking selfies and photos of things happening around me. I'm more of enjoy-the-moment-kinda-girl. But seriously, I'm very forgetful. Photos remind me of exact moments (you know, the things I can't remember. Haha) and this year, one of my goals it to take more pics.

2. Be more minimal.
Ever since I watched Rachel Aust's (my favorite YouTuber ever) minimalism series, I've been trying to live a more minimal life. Less clutter, more focus!

3. Quality over quantity.
Remember my post on splurging? I'm practicing quality over quantity and the one-in, one-out rule where I won't get something unless I tossed another one out. I have a lot of clutter in my dresser, my closet, my room, my phone, basically everything in my life! Haha. The more clutter, the less space, the less peace of mind.

4. Adulting/Save money.
I'm on the quarter-life crisis right now. I won't get any younger, so might as well start to save up right? Last year, I got insurance with stocks and this year, I'm planning on getting my savings up!

5. Learn how to drive.
We have cars. But the fact that two cars don't get used everyday -- or even get started for a week, gadd I need to learn how to drive. Those cars need to be used or else they'll die! Lol. But no, really... using public transportation in the Philippines is the worst! And add being a southie a.k.a jeepneys-pa-more because using cabs in this part of Manila is really expensive. What meter? It's always fixed rate!

P.S. When I'm almost late for work, I take a tricycle and boom, there goes your PHP 100. Tricycle fares cost more than a cab here!

6. Travel this year.
I have a lot of responsibilities. Traveling and relaxing is not in the dictionary.

Before my mom got sick, I always used to be out of town during my birthday. It's been years now... she's bed ridden, has Parkinsons and basically a vegetable. We don't have house help or even a caregiver. Good house helpers are hard to find. Remember the time our house help left? We just had it with other people.

But just because someone in your family is sick, it doesn't mean that your world has to stop and just focus on taking care of that person. This is a very hard topic to discuss but what I'm trying to say is you also need to take care of yourself. You still have a life of your own. You have to live it before it's too late.

7. Watch a concert.
I can't remember the last concert I went to. Plus, Maroon 5 is always sold out. I need to watch a concert this year. This is on the bucket list!

8. Be more personal in blogposts.
I'm an introvert. I don't talk much really unless I'm spoken to. Me being talkative is really a big effort on my part. Haha. I just keep to myself. But I feel like I should put more me on this blog :)

9. Upload a post every week.
This is hard. But I will try my best! May the god of planners, schedulers, to-do-lists, and organizers help me with this task! Haha.

10. Be positive.
This will be the most difficult thing to do for a pessimist, but this is not impossible. I wanted to put in "be kind" but I realized being positive is more of a challenge.

And now, let the good vibes begin. Cheers to 2016!