1 January 2016

Why You Should Splurge on Makeup?

Happy new year! Thank you so much for the greetings on my birthday and over the holidays. Let's have a blessed 2016 okay? 2015 was great, but I just feel that 2016 will be better. It will be a happier year for me and for you dolls.

For today's post, I'd like to share some insights on why I'm splurging now on makeup/skin care and beauty products. Don't get me wrong... I'm not becoming a brand snob or anything. It's just that I felt the need to upgrade everything in my life. I guess it just comes with age? Is this the quarter life crisis people are talking about but makeup-edition? Lol.

Getting older definitely sucks. But one thing is for sure... we do get wiser. We learn more about ourselves and we know what we want and we certainly know the things we don't like. Just like in makeup, I'm quite new with just two years of trying everything I can. But I'm pretty certain by this time, I know what I like and I know what to avoid. These are my realizations on why sometimes, you have to just buy the freaking expensive thing and get it over with haha.

Reasons why I splurge now:

1.  I got tired of duping. 
We see something -- a blush, a lipstick color that we want, we look at the price and hell no!! I ain't paying $18 or PHP 1,000 for a lipstick! 

The truth is everybody loves a good deal. 

You might say to yourself "I ain't cheap. I have money to spend for it duh!)" But babe, I am telling you... deep inside yourself, in your heart and in your soul... you love a good deal. It's just a no-brainer. It just feels good inside when you get good deals or products on sale. Instead of buying a PHP 1,000 purple lipstick, you get almost the same purple lipstick for only PHP 300. You save PHP 700. How great is that right!???

NO!! That wasn't always the case for myself. 

You see a product, let's say a blush -- you see the color and you think it's perfect for you. You find reviews. You've convinced yourself you'll get it. You go to the counter, swatch it, think of getting it but you don't buy it because you see the price tag and you know that you can get almost the same color for cheaper. You go to another brand and buy the dupe. You use the dupe, and you know what? You're not satisfied. You research again and try to find a closer dupe. You buy it, bring it home and use it and then what? You're not satisfied with the color again because it's not exact. 

What ended up happening was I spent more by duping a product rather than just buying the original color. Who lost? I did. I lost more money and in the end, I still want to buy the high-end product.

I wanted Mac Heroine... I wanted that purple shade... but instead, I got Sleek Mystic... I wasn't satisfied, so then I got Covergirl Divine. Now I got two purple lipsticks that cost almost the same as Mac Heroine. Did it satisfy me? No. So, I wanted to get another purple color but only this time, I didn't want another lipstick in the same purple shade because I already had two. What ended up happening? I got Mac Up the Amp. But do I still want Mac Heroine? Heck yes, I do. I could have saved more if I just freaking bought Mac Heroine in the first place :(

There's exceptions for this though. If I just want to try the color and see if it looks good on me, I buy the dupe. But if I really want a certain color or a specific product, I buy the high-end one. There's also some products that are just the same quality whether it be high-end or drugstore. Of course, getting the drugstore one makes you save more. Just make sure that you don't settle for it even if it dries your lips out, causes you allergies, acne etc.

2.  Storage is a problem.
And because I was into duping and trying out a lot of makeup, I ended up having products that are almost the same in color but not in texture. Some I liked, some I didn't... nonetheless, I wouldn't throw them away because I paid for it. I know I won't use the colors but throwing them away is just like throwing away cash. So what do you do? You hoard!! You'll say it's your makeup collection but honey, really, it's not. You just didn't want to throw them away even if they were your failed attempts of getting a color you liked.

So what happens now? You need more storage. 

Storage is a problem because at one time last year, I knew I had 70+ lipsticks. Like who does that!? I knew I wasn't going to use all of them in this lifetime. I ended up buying like four drawers just to fit them all and I was not happy. I'm trying to upgrade everything in my life -- not just makeup and beauty products -- this includes clothes, bags, shoes, social media, people, myself, just everything I can think of that I can upgrade. I now (try to) follow the rule that if I get rid of 1 product, I can buy another. The less clutter in your life, the better it's going to be right? lol. 

Storage is an issue and this leads me to numbers 3 and 4.

3.  Quality over quantity.
So, now I have a lot of products that are the same shade. BUT they don't perform the same. Some are more long-lasting than others, some don't make your skin break out, some don't make your lips feel super dry, some don't really make your face too oily etc.

This would be what I would call the "hiyangan" part or just buy the product that works best for you. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to buy the product that's more expensive. What I'm saying is find the product that best suits you, then stick to it. People sometimes associate a product that's more expensive to be better. But err, I find it not really. If you have a good product that does the job, do you really need to dupe it and look for something cheaper? What if your skin breaks out?

Research first before buying a product. Always try to look for swatches and see if it suits you. Read reviews about it. If you find something that works great for you, don't dupe it anymore. Do you really need 5 shades of blushes that look the same when you really tend to just use one the most? Quantity will also lead to storage problems.

Find a product that works for you. If it's perfect, stick with it. Don't dupe it anymore. If you do dupe it and find something cheaper and works better, then good for you. Just be mindful of the cost... how much you spent trying to look for a cheaper product and also look at how much the product has because those things matter.

4.  Find a product that works for your skin and remember those colors!
Being new to makeup and skin care, it will be costly. You have to find the products and shades that work best for you. Try cult favorites or hyped about products. See why everybody loves them. Buy one first and see if it's good for you. There's probably a very good reason why people love them.

For example, Mac Ruby Woo. There's a reason why people love that color. The red just freaking lasts all day. Like seriously 6 to 8 hours for just two swipes in the morning? Just wow. It lasts half a day. Colourpop Bichette also lasts long and it's half the cost.

If you're on a budget, swatch galore and research!!! See how a lipstick/blush looks on a similar skin color by Google-ing it. Find something similar to it and buy it. See if you like how it feels on your skin, see if it causes you allergies et cetera.

Foundation shades will be the trickiest part. Don't rely on other people to tell you "ah this suits you the best" because everybody's skin reacts differently. People have so many tips on how to choose a foundation shade -- put it on the center of your face, put it on the jaw line, the neck et cetera.

What's my tip on choosing foundation? Go to the counter and swatch galore! Put it on your neck because you don't really want your face to be ghostly. And if you really have a brand you want to try, research if it turns lighter or darker on other people. You can also buy a few different shades of another brand that's more affordable. Test it on your skin. See if it's too light or too dark. Mix the colors and see what matches you. Now, once you're happy and you see how it looks on you, REMEMBER that color! Take a mental picture of it and remember it forever!!! Let's say you get tanned or your skin gets lighter... remember your foundation color? That's the color you'll rely on and see if you're going a shade lighter or darker. That will be your base or "original" color. 

I hope this post helps when you try duping a product. Let's spend our money more wisely okay? :)

Happy 2016 and cheers to good health, more blessings, and positive vibes!

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