8 January 2016

Rucy's Vanity Mascara

Rucy's Vanity Mascara

Today's post will be about my most used mascara right now. The Rucy's Vanity Mascara really impressed me and my hooded eyes. Got to say I am loving it.

Rucy's Vanity Mascara

Rucy's Vanity Mascara  Rucy's Vanity Mascara

Rucy's Vanity Mascara

Rucy's Vanity Mascara Review
Rucy's Vanity Mascara Review
I have no lashes. Well, sort of.

I really have thin body hair which makes me not shave my legs because people barely see it (TMI) and I guess I should thank my dad for that because I got that "gene" from him. But with thin body hair comes my super thin eyelashes too. You see, there's pros and cons for everything in life and we just got to make what we have work.

So, thank goodness for the creation of mascaras because they make my thin lashes look black and long. But not all mascaras are created equal -- especially the wands. I have hooded eyelids which makes putting eyeshadow on barely visible and putting mascara on difficult. I don't curl my eyelashes anymore. If my lashes wants to point down, then I won't stop them anymore. What matters to me now is to have visible eyelashes.

The thing I really loved about the Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara was the wand. It's kind of shaped like the number 8, having a waist and curves on the top and the bottom. Let's call it the sexy-kind-of-wand. I just found that the wand really helped on putting mascara on my upper and short bottom lashes.

The formula is waterproof and I find that it doesn't really smudge on me. It's really black and it adds length and a little volume on my lashes too. Even though it's waterproof, it isn't really difficult to remove with my makeup removers, so I use this almost everyday.

This is such a great mascara for Asian-eyes or hooded eyelids because of the wand and the formula. It doesn't smudge nor clump and it's perfect for everyday use because it's not difficult to remove. It's my favorite mascara right now.

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