27 January 2016

Matte Liquid Lipstick Comparisons

Any matte lipstick lovers out there? How about matte liquid lipsticks? 

Well, the beauty world heard our cries and made a mix of the two. Long lasting pigmented matte liquid lipsticks were created.

Almost every makeup brand is coming up with their liquid lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks but I've got a few here that are hyped about in the beauty world and raved about by other people. I've got Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade American Doll, Dose of Colors in the shade Merlot and the innovator, the one that started it all, Lime Crime Red Velvet. I got all of these lipsticks from @all_about_authentic on Instagram. They've got a lot of shades to choose from.

American Doll, Merlot, Red Velvet

So, I've tried these matte liquid lipsticks quite a few times. I've worn this to work, get togethers, dates, you know the drill. These kinds of lippies were made to last the whole day and below, you'll see my verdict for each of them.

Which is the easiest to apply?
I'm going to have to go with Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dose of Colors and then Lime Crime. Lime Crime may have the smallest doe foot applicator and Dose of Colors has the softest applicator, but I'm going to go with ABH on this one. It applies the product evenly in one swipe unlike Lime Crime and it's stiff enough for your control. ABH also dries the fastest, followed by LC and DOC took the longest to dry. All of them are user friendly though and you can clean up smudges with a tissue or cotton bud as long as the product isn't dry yet.

Which one is the most long-wearing?
Dose of Colors, hands down. DOC isn't as popular as the two other lippies but they stain your lips in a very, very favorable way! Haha. Next would be LC and last would be ABH. They would last you the whole day but second application isn't really the best. You might get the lip liner look while eating on second application. Best to remove the whole color before applying them again. Oh, and these lipsticks need makeup removers. You can't just use tissue and expect them to rub off. It's possible to use wet wipes but there will be a lot of tugging on the lips. All lipsticks would fade very gracefully for the day -- 12 hours ++ (one application) and DOC staining your lips until the next day. Lol.

Which one is the most comfortable on the lips?
ABH is weightless. I really didn't feel like I put on lipstick with this one. I don't know how they did it. Next would be LC being the pioneer on liquid lipsticks, it's a little heavier than ABH but you'll notice the difference when you apply them side by side on the lips. LC just feels a little thicker than ABH. Dose of Colors, I'm going to have to say it stayed sticky almost the whole day on my lips. DOC is very moisturizing but again, it feels a little sticky. Being matte lipsticks, I didn't really feel the need to apply lip balm whatsoever. These lippies were matte but it didn't feel like my lips were too dry a.k.a Sahara during the day. I would just lick my lips for a little moisture and I'd be fine. 

Which transferred the most?
All of them transferred to utensils, glasses or even food. ABH would transfer to cups faster than LC but when you're wearing DOC, your lip color will transfer to food including burgers, burritos, sandwiches et cetera. BUT the good thing is DOC is very pigmented and it stains -- you'll feel like you didn't lose any product on the lips at all. Haha. All of them are okay with straws. They won't transfer for the first few sips just as long as your lips are dry.

Those are the things at the top of my head. Hope I've made a good comparison. Do let me know if I'm missing something or if you have questions by sending me an e-mail or a message on Instagram @makeupinmanila.

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