3 January 2016

Colourpop LBB Lippie Stix

Colourpop LBB Review Swatch
For this year's first lipstick review, let's start with the Colourpop Lippie Stix in LBB. I really have a thing for plum and purple lipsticks, so let's just start with a lippie that I've been loving since December.

Colourpop LBB Review Swatch

Colourpop LBB Review Swatch

Colourpop LBB Review Swatch

Colourpop LBB Lippie Stix Review
First off, my selfie was taken inside our office pantry and I was actually beside a couple of people there. I'd look super awkward taking a selfie next to them, so I just opted to take a quick click. What you should know though is that the color swatch is spot on. What you see with Colourpop is definitely what you get. They're just super pigmented like that.

Colourpop isn't widely available in the country, but it's just a product you have to get. The hype is real people. LBB comes in their typical twist-up white slim plastic packaging with the color shade seen once you take off the cap. I hate chubby stick packagings but Colourpop is an exception. I apply lipsticks quite slanted and chubby stick packagings make it difficult for me because they always seem to be flat after a while. I've never really had that kind of issue with Colourpop because it's already slanted like which I prefer.

LBB is matte and let me tell you that this isn't drying at all. Creamy matte and lasts like five to six hours with eating/drinking on my lips. The first few hours can be a little messier if you eat like a burger or something (which I totally did!) and it did transfer to the glass, the utensils and even the burger itself. But after the meal, you aren't left with LBB just on the outer parts of your lips. The lipstick color slightly faded in the middle, but it definitely survived even if it did transfer to the food. It looked fine, so I didn't have to reapply again.

When I use this on other days though, I find that after two to three hours (without eating at those hours), the color is more likely to stay on the lips and less likely to transfer on utensils or glasses.

Final thoughts? Creamy matte which doesn't make your lips dry, stays on your lips even when you eat/drink, doesn't give you that lip liner look, super pigmented because with just one swipe it's full color already, it smells like vanilla -- chocolates and super affordable for the quality you get.

Plus, if you make a mistake or overdrew your lips, just get the RT Detailer Brush, some concealer and clean the edges. I found that it didn't mix with the concealer and "cleaning up" was easy.

This is my second Colourpop Lippie Stix and this one retails for PHP 350 at @colourpopph. I got a few more from Colourpop items because I promise you, their products are great.

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