14 December 2015

Kape Scrub a Must Try!

Kape Scrub Review

How's December treating you? I'm a little extra happier when it's December. No, it's not because it's Christmas or it's the holidays or whatever. It's just because it's my birthday month and I get to buy everything I want for a month. Cheat month maybe? But of course that's after I pay my bills, responsibilities, insurance, etc.

For today's review, I'll feature Kape Scrub. I actually don't give first impressions, but after using this scrub, I messaged the seller immediately as I was really surprised at how great it is at exfoliating!

Kape Scrub Review

Kape Scrub Review Kape Scrub Review

Kape Scrub Review

Kape Scrub Review

Kape Scrub Review

Kape Scrub Review
The description is "I will exfoliate away skin imperfections and instantly make your skin super soft and smooth while reducing cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins and acne."

I'm going to have to say yes to exfoliating dead skin cells and making my skin feel super soft and smooth immediately after using this. 

If you're a coffee lover like me, this is the perfect scrub for you. It smells like roasted coffee because it is real roasted coffee. It's made of robusta coffee, raw cacao, brown sugar, raw honey, sea salt, VCO, moringa oil and vitamin E. I have to constantly remind myself not to take a spoon and put it in a cup.

How to use it? 
Massage in circular motions concentrating on problem areas and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing. It also says use 3 to 5 times a week. But because I have work early, I use this only on the weekends and it hasn't disappointed me ever. I actually didn't know I'm supposed to leave it on my skin for at least 5 minutes. Clearly, I don't read directions before using products haha. But nonetheless, this still works great even if I don't leave the scrub on my skin. I guess that's where it targets the cellulite, stretch marks, acne part because of its antioxidant property. 

Think of it as coffee powder. If you don't wet your skin, then the grains won't stick to you and you won't get to scrub away during your bath time. Some people might find this a hassle since there are already soaps that have scrubs in them but I actually don't mind and I prefer this coffee scrub over the soaps. I just find that it works better. 

I applied it to my body, then I started to massage it in circular motions all over, and then I noticed like dead skin coming off just in a few seconds. I didn't even have to scrub harder or really make an effort to massage it on to skin. It just happened that quickly.

I love it. The smell is amazing. It's made out of real coffee unlike other scrubs are, and this truly exfoliates and makes my skin super soft and smooth after use. I rank this is a 10/10. No need to push the product on to the skin to remove dead skin cells too. This might be a little messy to use, but you'll get used to it.

What I do is I apply it per body part. I wet the skin first, apply a little bit and then massage it onto skin. Next body part, wet the skin, apply a little, massage and so on. This isn't what I'd normally do on a workday where I'm rushing off, so weekends are Kape Scrub time for me. No allergies, whatsoever. It doesn't make my skin red because I don't need to push the product just to exfoliate. I haven't tried this on the face, but it this works amazing on the body. No yucky sticky feeling after rinsing either. 

They ship locally and internationally. You can get your own Kape Scrub from @kapescrub.

Happy Monday babes!

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