16 December 2015

Calyxta Turns 1

I recently attended the anniversary of Calyxta and I'd like to share some of the experience with you.
It was quite a funny experience since I was so under dressed. Haha. I came straight from my office in Alabang, and man oh man, I regretted that decision the moment I stepped into the party! Haha. I saw everyone in summer clothes like wait, isn't it December right now? But yes, summer clothes. It was held at Makati Diamond Residences' pool side which brought summer in December. It was hot anyway, so I guess their clothes and sunnies fit right in :)

Think of it as your gal friend Calyxta having a spa-themed birthday party. But only this time, it wasn't just a spa. There was music, a lot of makeover booths for hair, makeup, nails, massages, even brow waxing, there were quite a few booths. And because I was late, of course I got to sign up late and I just watched a few of my friends get the makeover and observe their experience. It was a fun makeover party -- I wish I wasn't late though. I could've been blinged up. Lol. I was stressed and I needed it!

Who's Calyxta anyway?
If you haven't seen them lingering around your Facebook, then clearly, you're missing out. I always see them in my feed because I'm always on the lookout on what beauty products came in the country. And yes, Calyxta brings them here. Anyone up for some Urban Decay and Glam Glow?  :)

Calyxta is every woman’s on- and off-line authority source for aspirational yet attainable beauty. From the Greek word Kallistō, meaning “she that is most beautiful,” Calyxta’s name perfectly represents the vision of the brand—to be and be seen as one who passionately enhances beauty inside and out. It works as an e-commerce platform as well as gathers ‘beauty involvers’—from professionals to consumers—to share their knowledge and passion for all things beauty. For further information, please visit

Calyxta also creates and shares relevant content like product information/reviews, beauty and style news, trends, educational ‘how-to's’, branded content – thru an engaging sensorial experience. All of Calyxta’s content will created and curated be by our expert writers (make-up artists, beauty editors/opinion leaders, stylists, professional skin care experts) as well as by our panel of ‘beauty involvers.’ Calyxta also provides a platform where ‘beauty involvers’ can exchange ideas and dialogue with each other, thru events, meet-and-greets, beauty care lecture sessions and all other ‘on-line to off-line’ opportunities that bring the community together.

Here's some snaps from the party.

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