17 November 2015

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Today's lipstick post will be about the most natural looking pink lipstick I have.

I seldom post selfies on Instagram and if you've seen the last one, I'm wearing this lipstick there. Ughh.. I really love it! And this shade really surprised me. I thought this was not going to work because it seems too light... but once I tried it on, I really loved it! :)

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick
An after-work selfie. This lipstick is very long lasting.

Rucy's Vanity Qute Pink Gleam Lipstick Review
Okay, I already gave away that I love it BUT when I first saw it, I really thought "No, no, no. The color in the lipstick tube looks too light plus it's bluish pink. This will not work on me." I barely wear pink lipsticks. I go mlbb, dark plum colors or reds. I do have some pink lipsticks though, but they're very few. I have only four or five I think? I only keep pink lipsticks that I like. I usually go for the really hot pinks because I like wearing them when it's gloomy :)

Packaging wise, it comes in this shiny smooth bullet with a close-click that is very important to me. I've had other lipsticks that popped open inside my bag and that was a disaster. This lipstick bullet won't fail you with that mishap. It has a close-feel and clicking sound which is like music to my ears. I feel very safe that the cap won't open inside my bag. Another thing I noticed is that the lipstick had a scent. If you're familiar with a certain round lipstick, this smells exactly like that, but milder. The scent goes away after some time though. Not too bothering for me at all.

What it feels like when you put it on your lips? It just glides. This doesn't tug my lips. It feels very soft and smooth. It's not creamy but I feel the moisture already upon application. It doesn't feel greasy. It just feels light. Plus, I think this lipstick adapts to the person wearing it. I also applied this lippie to my sister. She's fairer than me and quite on the pink side (I'm on yellow). Still, the color suited us both.

It applies sheer at one layer which I like because it really looks natural on me. When I first tried it on, I immediately thought "oh, so this is how the Koreans do it" lol. It reminded me of the natural looking stained lips plus the gradient trend they started. I really think this is the kind of lipstick for those kinds of looks. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. I just simply Googled Korean lips. Haha. If you have this lipstick in a darker color, creating gradient lips would be easy for you.

What surprised me was how it lasted on my lips. I was expecting the usual lip liner look that other lipsticks have but this faded into a natural looking stain. This wears for 3 hours and I didn't have the need to apply it asap after eating too. One thing though, (I'm a cactus. I'm not a frequent drinker of water, so I'm used to dry lips) this tends to cling on to dry patches of your lips, so exfoliation is key if you want your lips too look smooth.

All in all, this is a keeper for me. I only have less than five pink lipsticks. This one is going to be added on my pink-lippie-keep-stash. Haha. I really like the color because sometimes, wearing a mlbb color gets boring. So, I use this one for still a natural and effortless look. I apply it, toss it inside my makeup bag and I'm out the door. Suitable for school and the office. It's subtle but still looks pretty. Perfect with light makeup or even just concealer and brows for lazy days :)

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