16 November 2015

Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Multi-Benefit Anti-Elements Oil Review

Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Oil

For today's skincare post, I'm gonna be talking about Purveyor of the Lush from the Beauty Bask. It's a multi-benefit anti-elements oil specifically for oily/combination + blemished + sensitive skin.

So here's a little something, something about it:
"This is a remarkable skin regenerator accelerating the healing of skin making it a good source of daily skin nourishment. Clinical study has shown that over time, it improves your overall skin tone by addressing hyperpigmentation thereby not only healing the skin with continued long term use but helps provide a more flawless complexion. It's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also work to help address skin conditions and the addition of powerful but gentle essential oils improve the results for glowing skin.

We selected the best varieties of harvested ingredients  to synergistically strengthen skin barrier protection and rejuvenate skin from sun, stress and pollution."

Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Oil

Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Oil Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Oil
Healed in 2 days.

Beauty Bask Purveyor of the Lush Multi-Benefit Anti-Elements Oil Review
I had no idea what multi-benefit oils were. I know there's lots of them in the market right now, but I really haven't gone to using them just because it didn't really appeal to me. Even tea tree oils for acne didn't appeal to me. The only thing I had in mind when I heard “multi-benefits oil” would be something I'd use for moisturizing since I have dry patches of skin and maybe rashes? And oh I remembered my sister using something like this for her tummy when she was preggo. That's probably the closest I've been to using oils. I’ve used serums before and it’s totally fine with me but I guess with using oils, I just didn’t really like the sticky lingering feeling it leaves on skin.

Purveyor of the Lush comes in a typical medicine bottle with a dropper. The scent was so-so to me because I was new to it. But after like the third time of using it, I've gotten to like it. My room doesn't feel like it anymore when I don't smell it haha. It smells like burnt sugar, quite sweet but not the type that gives you headaches. Thank heavens!

Upon looking at the ingredients, I saw some grape seed oil, tea tree oil, licorice, Tamanu, and vitamin E (non-GMO, which means it's not the usual synthetic kind), all of which I know are all good for the skin, especially blemished skin. So, it kind of made me happy to see that it really did differ from their other variant, Chasing Daydreams for dry skin. There are some products in the market that claim this is for oily, this is for dry -- but when you see the ingredients, it’s almost the same. So yes, this is really catered for acne-prone oily/combination skin. 

Hmm… as for being multi-benefit, I used it for rashes. I just applied one drop and voila, my skin stopped itching in like a minute. I used it for dry patches on my legs too and it immediately hydrated it. The most important test? I tried it for pimples. 

Honestly, I thought it was just pure luck BUT nope, tried it a couple of times and Purveyor of the Lush really works! Haha. It really dries my acne in 2-3 days. I actually use Purveyor of the Lush for spot treating now instead of my other night cream.

My skin is healing right now and I’m really doubtful on trying skincare stuff for the face. I’m really afraid an allergy like this might happen again. So, what I do is I try it on small spaces on my face first instead of slathering facial wash, toners, serums et cetera all over. A good place to start also would be your forehead or the sides of your face.

I applied Purveyor of the Lush on the zit on my forehead and after 2 days, it healed. I did the same to a zit on the side of my face and after a day, it healed. I must say I underestimated this product. I wasn’t a believer then, but I’m a believer now. This is what I use to spot treat now. It’s really, really effective in drying out spots because it also has tea tree oil in it.

So, overall thoughts? It’s effective in drying out pimples. Do I need to say more? Haha lol. It works great for rashes, dry skin and acne. Plus it doesn’t feel too greasy on the skin. Actually, after a few hours or when I apply this at night, the moment I wake up, it’s matte. My skin really absorbs this oil.

One thing I’m not certain though is for blemishes. It’s supposed to help skin heal including hyperpigmentation. I guess I just haven’t used it long enough because for my night cream, it actually took months before I noticed that my skin got really better. Our cells renew every 21 days and hyperpigmentation are dark pigments on our skin which are not at the surface level. Depending on the blemish, it will determine how many "waves" of 21 days the cells need to renew.

This is from Kristen -->> From our clinical study, around 8 weeks can show improvement for this aspect to give cells time to renew. But of course, still dependent on the current skin condition of the user. This is why derma clinics offer laser treatments to address pigmentations and the like because they are not merely at the surface of the skin. This also explains why several sessions are needed even for derma laser treatments.

As for now, I'll still use it and I'll also be on the lookout for the hyperpigmentation claims in the longrun. For spot treating acne? I highly recommend this. This stuff works!

Where to get it? Just click here -->> Beauty Bask.

To reduce hyperpigmentation, sun protection is encouraged. Sun exposure triggers the skin to produce melanin. You can mix Chasing Daydreams with Purveyor of the Lush as a form of sun protection or you can also opt to use traditional sunscreen. The beauty oil must go first though, and sunscreen last to be applied.

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