25 September 2015

MAC Cosmetics Wash and Dry Lipstick in Steam Heat

MAC Steam Heat Wash and Dry Lipstick

Isn't this MAC lipstick a beauty?

This is just from a recent collection but of course, like pancakes, before it even hit the stores here in the country, it's sold out. But I found an online shop that has some limited edition makeup items you might be interested in. It's called @all_about_authentic on Instagram.

Now, on to the lipstick!

MAC Steam Heat Wash and Dry Lipstick

MAC Steam Heat Wash and Dry Lipstick

MAC Steam Heat Wash and Dry Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Wash and Dry Lipstick in Steam Heat Review
First of all, packaging is beyond words. It's super gorgeous. They're really killing it with their limited edition items aren't they? I guess that's why they're harder to find. Consistent MAC vanilla scent, close feel and sleek as always. It's definitely a scene stealer when you reapply your lipstick in the powder room. Yes, I've had stares from people in the wash room looking at the lipstick and the color on my lips.

This is a red lipstick that somehow turns orange-red orange-red? It's red, but it's described as a vivid-yellow-red, so I guess that's where I'm getting the orange hues from. I definitely noticed the yellow undertones because I'm more used to bluish-red lipsticks and darker colors. 

It has a satin finish which is actually a lip-saver because if you've ever tried MAC's mattes, then I'm sure your lips have died at some point in your life. Think more pigmented than amplified and drier upon application. Not shiny and not matte, just somewhere in between with a natural finish. This lipstick is quite moisturizing for me and it's very pigmented. Although, I like swiping it 2-3 times just so I can get the color I want and I'm used to. 

Do you have to apply this asap after eating? Nope. I've asked my boyfriend a lot of times already and he always said "it's all good" so I found that it stayed for about 5-6 hours. Eating oily food would maybe make the longevity 3-4 hours tops? And do note that it transfers on glasses, straws, mugs, cheeks. Lol. But yes, because it's more on the satin side, don't expect this to be kiss proof as this lipstick doesn't make your lips dry like the Sahara Desert. This lipstick also stains your lips but sometimes, the outlines would be more prominent, so lip liner would be key. If you want to make this lipstick more long lasting, apply lip liner first. 

All in all, great lipstick. Warm-red that has yellow undertones and it's great for everyday and even on date nights. It's a lipstick that you can wear that would automatically add plus points to your white shirt and jeans. Lakas maka ganda!


  1. you look so pretty with this lippie , I bought only creme d nude :)

    1. i dont get why mac has to release shades in limited edition bullets hahaha. killing us softly lol