3 July 2015

Eden's Paradise Acne Set Guava-Neem Gel, No Moor Zit Soap and Clear Skin Toner Review

This blog post contains a before & after picture of my skin and it's really harmful to the eyes. Okay? No to negativity please. 

Second, my skin was actually (7/10) clear 4 months ago. I had the two-weeks clear skin, two weeks of breakout because of hormones. I have my own dermatologist. My acne is hormonal. It's not because of makeup, habit, hygiene etc (yes they are factors but it's really my shi*ty hormones). 

Third, I am trying organic skin care products now because I've typically used everything you see in the drugstore. I am on the lookout for products that can clear my acne. If you have any suggestions, please do leave a comment below and let me know. Thanks!

Eden's Paradise Acne Set

So this is the Eden's Paradise acne skin care set. I bought it for PHP 599.00 ($15+-) plus the shipping fee. I've heard great things from my friend who uses products from Eden's Paradise so of course I wanted to try it. Like me, she had acne prone skin too. She also has her own dermatologist. She's used a lot of products from the drugstore and she swears that this is the only thing that's worked for her. From then on, she's been addicted to this skin care set. 

In what order to use? 
1. No Moore Zit Soap 
2. Clear Skin Toner
3. Guava-Neem Gel

Eden's Paradise No Moor Zit Soap
I have no legit shots of the soap because the packaging is basically ClingWrap. You know, the plastic you wrap on your food before you put it inside the fridge. I didn't want to wait for proper lighting just to take photos of it so of course I used it IMMEDIATELY. Hello? Pimples on your face means time is of the essence haha.

I didn't feel any stinging or tightening on my face ever. It's actually a mild soap bar cleanser. It can cleanse my face but I feel like it's not enough. I leave it on my face for a few minutes before I rinse it off. I wouldn't really call it moisturizing but I didn't experience any drying on the face especially the eye area. It smelled like sulfur (sulfur soaps never worked for my skin either) so I wasn't too excited about this soap. 

Would I repurchase this soap? No. I think there are a lot of cleansers that can do a better job. There's really nothing special about it for me. I felt like it didn't dry up my acne nor prevent more acne from popping up. And it didn't really light up my blemishes like it claimed it would.

Eden's Paradise Acne Set

Eden's Paradise Acne Set

Eden's Paradise Clear Skin Toner
What to expect? Stinging and redness when you apply it to your face. Take note, I've been to the derma. I've been through the stinging. I've been through the medicines that literally slowly day by day peel off layers of your skin. That was agonizing pain caused by a liquid in a cotton pad. And for an organic product to remind me of all that hurt, hey that's got to be harsh right? (Now that I'm writing this blog, I'm thinking is this really what's supposed to happen or am I just allergic to it? I'll never know because I don't even know what's this toner made up of.) If you're familiar with Maxipeel, this is probably solution 4 or 5 (and Maxipeel is only 1, 2 and 3. But imagine that the effect would be 4 or 5.)

So yes, expect stinging and redness every time you apply this. I didn't feel like it lightened up my blemishes but hey, great news... I did notice that it dried some of my acne. Bad news, it didn't prevent new platoons of acne showing up. Would I repurchase? Hmm... I could use this for spot treating... but I'll be sacrificing skin then right? So no, I'll probably not repurchase it.

Eden's Paradise Acne Set

Eden's Paradise Guava-Neem Gel
This is like a moisturizing gel that you apply to your face after all that stinging caused by the toner. It feels pretty cold and it will definitely calm your skin and help with the redness. It smells very fruity. Not guava, but it smells good. The gel isn't liquidy at all. It's not like the runny-gel type moisturizers. It actually reminded me of the Celeteque moisturizer I use at summer. 

What's great about it? Micro exfoliation! I kid you not. As in promise talaga! It really exfoliates dead skin. I was never a believer of those products that claim "micro exfoliation" because a lot of times I see like big patches of skin peeling off. But with this Guava-Neem Gel, omg, promise -- no words. To see is to believe haha. I just noticed it when I was applying the gel on my face. I was like "why am I feeling some solid stuff when it's supposed to be liquid gel" and then I noticed on my fingers, yup, there goes dead skin. I use this gel, then primer and then foundation or even straight to just powder and my skin doesn't look like it's cakey nor peeling. 

Also, I noticed that it did heal my pimples especially when I do spot treating. I apply it to the whole area and then I apply more of the gel to the pimples I want to dry up. I noticed that it made the healing time faster and sometimes, a pimple would heal and dry up and not continue its course. It's great with cystic acne (those inflamed pimples below your skin that takes weeks to heal).

Would I repurchase the Guava-Neem Gel? Yes. I noticed that it heals my acne faster and it helps in exfoliation. I also think this is the only product out of the three that prevented acne on my skin. Lightening effect? Not so much. But I'd buy it just for the spot treating. Plus, it's a good moisturizer for oily skin. I apply it before going to bed and the minute I wake up, my skin feels great. It's not swimming in a pool of oil. lol.

Eden's Paradise Acne Set
Left: Before using Eden's Paradise. Right: after using Eden's Paradise.

The pictures on the left is when my skin was already bad. I used a different organic product which broke me out. The pictures on the right is after using Eden's Paradise acne skin set for more than a month. I just used the Clear Skin Toner, so that's why my skin is so red. But as you can see, it looked horrible compared to the pictures on the left.

All in all, I think products from Eden's Paradise are good. I mean it worked for my friend (I've seen her skin improve so amazingly) and I noticed it works on a lot of people too. It may just not be for me. Maybe my skin's just allergic to it? Maybe I should just go back to my old skin care routine? Sigh. All I know is that this acne care didn't work for me.


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  2. Try the human nature acne products it helps my acne too.....

    1. i am now using the safeguard derma facial wash. and it helped wonders. here's the link for the review:

      my skin is wayy better now than what's in this pictures. haven't gotten around to making a skincare update yet