29 March 2016

Makeup of the Day: EB Advance Twiggy

My Sundays are usually reserved for groceries and shopping in a concealer-and-brows-only face. Yes, this happens when you're already five years with your someone special. You get SO comfortable that you don't even care if he sees your untamed hair, naked eyebrows or your army of acne when you wake up.

Last week, my boyfriend mentioned that I wasn't putting any "effort" on how I looked when I'm with him. WHILE I put so much effort in how I look and what I would wear in the office or when I'm with other people. I was kind of feeling guilty because it's somehow true. We only meet on the weekends and I guess he kind of misses the days where I'm made up. No hate here, he loves my bare face, all my acne and blemishes and my I-just-woke-up-ugly-face and he still compliments me on how beautiful I am (just to remind you, we're all beautiful!) Sometimes he feels that he isn't "special" because I don't make any effort at all when I'm with him which I find funny.

So today, I decided to put on foundation, highlight, bronze a little here and there, et voila. This is what I looked like while we did some groceries and shopping plus we also watched Ant Man which was pretty good. He was very thankful and complimented that I had a certain "glow" (thank you highlight!) or that something was different about me. I kind of wanted to go with a nude lip so I looked all glowy and bronzed up but I decided to just go with a nude-ish-pink.

Products used:
Smashbox Photofinish Primer; Sansan HD Concealer in OliveCovergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in Warm Beige; Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer; Rimmel Stay Matte Powder; Nichido Brown Pencil; Nichido Brow Tint; EB Advance Lipstick in Twiggy; Ever Bilena blush in Amethyst; Suesh Contour Powder PC-04; Makeup Revolution Baked Blush Palette for the highlight; Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara.

Hot weather today at 30 degrees. Makeup held so darn good today. Not sure if it's because we stayed most of the time inside the mall or just because the combination of these products is great. I only had to blot and powder twice today.

P.S. Skin is turning out to be pretty good. I'm on my second week of my new cleanser and I am already seeing positive results.

Hope you all had a good Sunday!


  1. Awwww nag inarte hahahaha how cute. But I like that he likes you bare-faced AND made-up! I really hate it when guys say I like you with no makeup after taking the time and effort to put eyeshadow, bronzer and foundation. Gee thanks! Not. HAHAH

    1. haha na inggit lang sa ibang tao. sometimes he compliments me on how great my concealer is, na cover lahat ng acne or how my brow game is strong hahaha. sometimes i feel like i've taught him too much.

      one time we were passing a bazaar at glorietta i saw a makeup booth i wanted to go there. he said "no. fake ung brushes nila" i was like WTF? hahaha

  2. Ang cuuute, nakakarelate ako. Haha, tamad ako magmakeup kapag nagddate kami. Ngayon pinapauna ako maligo at magprep dahil magmmakeup pa daw ako. Pag walang makeup, magtatanong: bakit di ka nagmakeup?

    1. haha so anong gusto niyang sabihin? parang n oblige ka tuloy mag makeup kahit tinatamad ka na haha. baka naman kasi gusto ka din icompliment on your kilay game or kung like niya ung lipstick mo hahaha