3 May 2015

Say Hello to the Brush Egg!

Brush Egg Review

It's been a long time about a post on makeup brush cleaners. Let's all say hello to the brush egg!

I saw this Brush Egg about a year ago or maybe sometime 2013 online and yes, it's finally here in the Philippines! I got mine from Suesh for I think PHP 150 or less. They come in different colors, but I decided to get mine in mint green. 

Brush Egg Review Brush Egg Review

Brush Egg Review

Brush Egg Review
The Brush Egg has about two kinds of bristles -- I'm really not sure what it's called. But I assume that the part with the smaller bristles are for smaller brushes like your eye brushes or for your spoollies and the bigger side is for the buffing brushes, blush brushes and the like. I really love it for cleaning my eye brow spoollie because it does a great job of getting all the gunk out.

I like that it doesn't take too much storage space and you can basically hide it inside a drawer when not in use. I like that it has two kinds of bristles/edges for your bigger and smaller makeup brushes and I also love that it's super cheap and you can buy tons of it or even give it to your makeup-loving friends. Oh, by the way, this silicon Brush Egg is also very easy to clean.

The only con I noticed is that when I was cleaning my bigger powder brushes, this Brush Egg was just too small and it took a longer time to get all the makeup gunk out. I guess you just can't have everything all at once. Right? Nonetheless, still a great buy!

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