10 March 2015

NYX Peach Blush

NYX Peach Blush

As odd as it may sound, the NYX Peach Blush isn't even peach at all.

NYX Peach BlushNYX Peach Blush

NYX Peach Blush Review
This looks very natural when worn and is perfect as an everyday blush. I tend to use this with another shimmer blush just so it doesn't look very boring on my cheeks and as for longevity, it tends to stay for about six to eight hours on my oily skin. Retouching at the end of the day isn't necessary, but it also wouldn't hurt to touch up especially if you have plans after work. It's not chalky at all, and it's very buildable and can be worn by deeper skin tones.

It's a ton of product in the pan and I love it. It's just so easy to use that I sometimes use this for two whole weeks straight.

Is there anything that I don't like about this product? No. It's just such a bank for your buck and I don't see myself hitting pan on this any time soon. The best thing about it is that it didn't cause my skin to break out.

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