7 November 2014

Celeteque Skin Relief After-sun Gel

Celeteque Skin Relief After-sun Gel

An innovative product that's first in the country.

Celeteque Skin Relief After-Sun Gel Review 
I am very happy with this Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Skin Relief After-Sun Gel. This product claims to have anti-inflammatory soothing extracts and I have used it at the beach, in between sun burn issues, itch issues at home and now I am using it for relief of my itchy measles rashes.

At first, I thought it was like a moisturizer that you just apply and runs liquidy in your skin but it’s not. It is a clear gel like substance, looks like a moisturizer but it’s thicker and you can certainly feel the heaviness of the aloe in the gel which I love because it eases any itch or inflamed skin I have. It’s dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. It’s oil and alcohol free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.

As for the smell, it just smells wonderful. It smells like lotion/soap but not the old ones nor in the fragrance of flowers. It just has a clean soap smell that’s not too overpowering and won’t bother you when you applied it even in your face. 

Packaging wise, I love that the ingredients, directions and how the product works is included in the label and at the bottom of the bottle it has the manufacturing date and the expiry. It's a big 200 ml bottle that you can use for a long time but it might be easier to squeeze the product out if it was in a squeeze type tube. But I guess you can just flip the bottle to easily get the product.

I'm very happy with this product for my sun burn issues, dry skin, and allergy-related problems that my skin has.

Still a great moisturizer and I still highly recommend! My skin has been breaking out and flaking for the past few weeks because of the change in weather and this is what I'm using now as moisturizer. I'm using a different product for my acne but in the issue drying/flaking, this is saving my skin right now. I also use it when I have sudden itches in my skin and I just put this over and after five seconds, redness and the itch disappears. Such a wonderful product! Would totally repurchase it.

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