11 October 2014

Fashion 21 Almond Perfect Stick Foundation Concealer

Fashion 21 Almond Perfect Stick Foundation Concealer

Are you ready to see some magic with this concealer?

Before we start this post, please note that you’ll be seeing ugly acne marks on the following pictures. Aunt Flo is on her way and this is my acne acting up. It’s usually two weeks acne and two weeks clear skin. But because I have hyperpigmentation, alas, acne scars and blemishes are here to stay.

Okay, so I’ve actually used this concealer way back when I was in college in another shade for my eye bags (I had gorgeous clear skin then that I only needed concealer for my eye bags. Those were the days!) and because my favorite concealer is all used up, I figured I should go back to this just because I remembered it worked great on me.
This is what my acne currently looks like. I don't have it all over the face. Usually it's the sides of the face plus chin or sometimes, it's the nose or the forehead.
Fashion 21 Almond Perfect Stick Foundation ConcealerFashion 21 Almond Perfect Stick Foundation ConcealerFashion 21 Almond Perfect Stick Foundation Concealer

Fashion 21 Perfect Stick Foundation Concealer in Almond Review
I loved it before, and I fell in love with it again. At first I thought the shade almond was very dark on me, but as it oxidized, it blended easily on my skin tone. It doesn’t look cakey at all and it's also very buildable. I applied it once all over my face and I dabbed a little more over my blemishes where I needed more coverage. I just used my Real Techniques buffing brush and it turned out looking very natural. I found the concealer adjusted to my skin tone and the SA actually helped me decide on what shade I should get.

It has a certain scent, kind of like perfume, but it doesn't bother me at all. The smell lingers for a few hours, but it never gave me a headache like another product did. Oil control is actually good. I noticed that when I put powder over it, my face tends to oil up faster, so sometimes I just skip setting it. It’s a very lightweight concealer, barely noticeable that I have anything on, and the good news is that it never made my skin break out. I also found that it oxidizes without a primer and turns a shade slightly darker, but still not too much of a difference.
Whenever I want to skip foundation and the whole makeup routine, I'd use a primer, this concealer, brows, lip balm, and I'm good to go. This product really saves me a lot of time when I’m just out for a quick errand day. It's a great product and I'd definitely recommend it. I used it seven years ago and here I am using it again. It retails for about PHP 180 and is available in all leading department stores.


  1. Is this good for light blemishes? What do you think? I have fair skin and suffered from on and off mild acne.. It has healed now but I have few very light blemishes and one small dark one.. Just wondering if this will help cover it up. I'm currently using San San HD Concealer the natural shade which I find too light and doesn't do the job of concealing them. I'm not a pro in doing make up.

    1. yup. this is good for concealing light blemishes and it's also a light foundation. i use san san hd in olive for blemishes and i use the natural shade for under eyes :) hope this helps.