15 October 2014

Avon Matte Ruby Lipstick

Avon Matte Ruby Lipstick Review Swatch

This was a prize I got from the #MeetTheMatte contest that Avon held. They picked 100 winners to have their new lipstick, and I'm lucky enough to be one of them. Thank you Avon Philippines!

Avon Matte Ruby Lipstick Review Swatch Avon Matte Ruby Lipstick Review Swatch

Avon Matte Ruby Lipstick Review
It's a really gorgeous red-pink colored lipstick. Formula is moisturizing and it's not dry-matte that I've experienced with NARS. It's also creamier than Koshize lipsticks, but it's smoother than Wet N Wild Megalast.

This lipstick is very pigmented. It lasts for about five to six hours and you can eat/drink without reapplying it. The thing with creamier lipsticks is that they do transfer and stains glasses when drinking, so if you want to blot your lips after applying, I think it would help to set the product on your lips. I've also never experienced lipstick bleeding after eating which is a good thing. And packaging doesn't disappoint either as the inner tube is matte and the top of the tube is clear, so you can see what color is inside (unlike MAC lipsticks). The tube has a close-click-feel in it, which always makes me feel that it's secure inside my makeup bag.

I think it's a great product. I like that it's moisturizing and it lasts a long time. I definitely think it's perfect for the holidays with all the eating and drinking involved. I definitely would purchase a darker lipstick in this formula (I really have to Google swatches right now!) and oh, by the way, I think this is just my second lipstick from Avon. I may need to up my Avon game since I'm really impressed with this product. Can't stop wearing this lipstick and it's been a week!

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