14 September 2014

Etude House Dark Brown Drawing Eyebrow

Etude House Dark Brown Drawing Eyebrow Review

Behold, the product that made me switch from brow powders to brow pencils.

Etude House Dark Brown Drawing Eyebrow Review
Obviously, I'm not a brow expert. I've always used brow powders just because I find them easier to use and easier to erase with concealer if ever I make a mistake. But ever since I tried these angled Etude House brow pencils, I made the switch.

These eyebrow pens are very affordable at only PHP 128 each and they're very easy to use considering that I'm a newbie to brow pencils. It's easy to build up the color and it's also to easy to conceal whenever I make mistakes. Note that it isn't waterproof, but it can last the whole day.

The spoolie that it comes with is so-so for me. I just feel like I can't spread the product evenly, so I'm using a different spoolie. Also, when you're down to the like the last millimeters of the brow pencil, it usually breaks and becomes unusable. I've had this happen to me a number of times already, but I don't really mind. I still think it's a good buy.

I've tried other brow pencils from Etude House, but this has become my favorite.


  1. you definitely don't want bushy brows! lol. i had bushy brows growing up and it was awful! my mom didn't let me get them done until 11th grade.the only upside is that the professionals doing my brows had a lot to work with and could shape them in whatever way. haha.
    that tip/brush thing looks interesting. it looks kind of hard and stiff actually. your "finished" brow looks great though! it looks natural which is never a bad thing :)

  2. i don't know if you have e.l.f. in the Philippines, but I love their eyebrow kit. it's so cheap ($3) and it last me the whole day.