21 August 2014

Milani Dolce Pink Baked Blush

Milani Dolce Pink Baked Blush Review Swatch

Say hello to my new favorite blush, the Milani Cosmetics baked blush in the shade Dolce Pink.

Milani Dolce Pink Milani Dolce Pink

Milani Cosmetics Dolce Pink Baked Blush Review
I've had some people say that it doesn't show up on them, so I'm really grateful that it's noticeable on my cheeks. It's actually a sheer light pink color with little specks of gold in it and unlike the shade Luminoso which adds like a luminous shine to your cheeks, this shows as a natural glow on my face and it just looks really pretty. I usually wear this alone when I want a natural look and sometimes I top it off with other blushes to have a dewy glow when I've been using too many matte products.

It stays on my cheeks for about three hours considering that I have oily skin and it stays even longer when I use it together with my other matte blushes. It comes in this gorgeous gold packaging with a brush and a mirror inside, but honestly, the brush isn't something I'd really use, so I always toss it away.

Dolce Pink isn't the most pigmented of all blushes, which I think is in favor of all the men and women who are always late for work, since you don't have to do a lot of blending. And I also think it's a great shade for those with lighter skin tones. It looks best with a natural looking lip and black eye liner.

Surprisingly, I brought this blush to work the other day and this bulky little thing came home in one piece. It became just a little bit travel-friendly in my book.

All in all, it's a good shimmery pink blush which can be used alone or mixed with a cream or another powder blush. It's a good drugstore find and I believe that Dolce Pink deserves more spotlight than Milani Luminoso.


  1. I used to own this blush, but the shimmers / glitters were just too much for my oily skin + visible pores. It was very pretty, though. :)

    1. what visible pores?? ano ka ba...nope, it is NOT visible :) i thought you wouldnt like this because you're too fair and the color wouldnt show much :P