22 August 2014

Koshize Satinlips Lipsticks

Koshize Satinlips Lipstick Review Swatch
How cute are these mini lipsticks?

I've never really seen products like these before, so I was really surprised by the size and how much product they had.

I’m a fan of Sophie Paris, but I have never tried their Koshize line. They have a whole line of powders, foundations, blushes that looked like Milani Cosmetis baked blushes, and obviously they also carry lipsticks. I have never ever wanted to try them out until Rae gave me a Koshize lipstick and made me try it. From then on, I was a changed woman.

The following week, I went straight ahead to the Sophie Paris office and hunted for the Koshize lipsticks. Unfortunately, they didn't really have testers, so I had to rely on the catalog for the actual shades. Then, I saw they had Koshize mini lipsticks that came in packs of eight. The full size lipstick costs about PHP 240, and this pack of eight mini lipsticks cost the same, so I thought it would be a good idea to buy the minis to see every shade available in the satin line.

Koshize Satinlips Lipstick Review Swatch

Koshize Satin Lips Lipsticks Review
These lipsticks apply very smooth on the lips, no tugging needed, and it doesn't have any shine at all. Some shades give off full color even on the first swipe which I think is very promising. It looks and feels great when you have exfoliated lips, but when you don’t, prepare to see dry patches of color on your lips. Sometimes, I find that lip balms can't even help with these dry patches and it's kind of weird as sometimes it looks so great and moisturizing on my lips, and other times, it's just totally drying.

Lighter colors have a wear time of about three hours with meals, and the darker colors tend to last longer while fading to a stain on your lips. It also has a pleasant mild smell just like the full sized lipstick and it disappears after a while.

I have the full sized lipsticks for shades number one and three, and I love both of them for sporting a natural look. Whether I recommend getting the minis or the full sized lipsticks, I'd definitely go with full size. It's just easier to apply and more travel friendly rather than having these minis inside your makeup kit.


  1. so cute! they reminds me the sample lippies that avon have!

    1. i love the avon samples!! they're so cute and when i tried to depot it, tehre acutally is a lot of product inside that small bullet!

  2. You already know I love this line!

    I like rosebud, radiant fuchsia, and rouge chic the most.

  3. hi sis! :) i am a Sophie member po. :) can i ask for permission po to post/use your photos on my facebook page and as business tools po? coz your photos are very nice and clear. ^_^ will put credits and link it back here to your site po. :) here's my email add: thank you po! ^_^