10 July 2014

BH Cosmetics Tulip Blush Duo

BH Cosmetics Tulip Blush Duo Review

I've been a fan of BH Cosmetics, and this blush is something worth talking about.

BH Cosmetics Tulip Blush Duo Review BH Cosmetics Tulip Blush Duo Review

BH Cosmetics Blush Duo in the shade Tulip Review
I love this blush! I wasn't really expecting a lot from this blush, but it was a pleasant surprise, kind of like when you find money inside your bag on a random day.

There are two shades available in this blush, one true matte, and one with a little bit of shimmer. It looks like it has gold flecks in it, but nothing to worry about because they are super fine unlike those in Milani blushes. It gives off a luminous look in my opinion.

It’s a great blush for oily/combination skin. It lasts for about six hours and the colors are very pigmented and easy to blend. The packaging it comes in is quite impressive for the affordable price too. It closes via magnet on the sides and it also comes with a mirror which is quite handy.

The shimmery shade feels smoother when swatched compared to the matte one and it doesn’t have much fall-out too. I wore this for about six hours and it was still looking great by the the time I took it off. No need to retouch at all. I initially thought the shimmer shade was to be used as a bronzer or a highlighter, but it's just another gorgeous blush color.

I would definitely recommend this if you ever have the chance to get this in the country. These blushes are very pigmented. It comes in sturdy magnetic packaging. And it's a total performer for girls like me who have oily/combination skin. Not too mention it's so easy to blend and it's buildable. This is one amazing product from BH Cosmetics.


  1. Reminds me of Ellana Minerals blush. Hehe.

    1. right?? but i think ellana's pans can be removed? not sure. i havent tried it before :)