30 November 2014

Ever Bilena Autumn Breeze Matte Lipstick

Ever Bilena Autumn Breeze Matte Lipstick

If you're looking for an orange lipstick, this is it!

Ever Bilena Autumn Breeze Matte Lipstick Ever Bilena Autumn Breeze Matte Lipstick

Ever Bilena Autumn Breeze Matte Lipstick Review
I'm so in the mood for an orange lipstick, I don't even know why. It's a good matte lipstick without any annoying smell. It lasts about four hours on my lips and if you eat and drink, you don’t need to reapply it instantaneously like other lipsticks because it actually stains the whole lip.

It doesn’t settle on lines in my lips maybe because I’m fond of using lip balms -- I don't know -- but if you do have dry lips, apply lip balm a few minutes before applying this lipstick to keep your lips hydrated. Color is very buildable, so you can achieve the shade you prefer. And also do keep in mind that the brand name on the packaging will rub off. It also doesn't have the "close-click-feel" that I'm always looking for in lipsticks, and I once found this lipstick without the cap on inside my bag which kind of scared me. Good thing there wasn't any mess inside my bag.

Color and formula-wise, love it. Packaging-wise, I hope they change it just so it feels more secure. It retails for about PHP 175 on all leading department stores.


  1. Bakit ang ganda sayo ng orange?! :< I can never pull off oranges because they really bring out the yellow undertones in my skin and make me look sick. I can wear peaches and corals, but they have to have a bit of pink. But seriously, orange is so you. :)

  2. I have the other orange. Ever Bilena Hot Summer. Ok din :D Malapit sa MAC Lady Danger

  3. I just wonder, yung comments nila @rae and @justjennine dated July 2014 :D
    anyway, bagay sayo girl :D

    1. haha. i updated blog posts kasi :) thank you sis!