28 June 2014

Nichido Blush in Tomato

Nichido Tomato Blush Review

As a makeup enthusiast and someone who's always on the hunt for drugstore gems, I heard a lot of good feedbacks about the Nichido Tomato Blush in the shade Tomato. So I thought to myself, okay then, let me get one.

Nichido Tomato Blush Review

Nichido Blush in Tomato Review
I'm going against the tide here because I didn't find this blush amazing at all. It truly is very affordable, even cheaper than my Careline blushes, retailing at PHP 88.00. But with the amount of fallout this powdered blush gives, it just doesn't cut it for me.

My friend raves about this blush being her everyday go-to, but I just really don't see anything special about it. On my oily skin, this blush only lasts two hours on my cheeks before it fades. Another thing which seems crazy is that I once accidentally touched my cheeks and the color transferred immediately at the back of my hands. I was pretty surprised since that hasn’t ever really happened to me before with any of the blushes that I use, so I'm pretty sure it's not because I have oily/combination skin.

I don't know if the blush I bought came from a bad batch, but this isn't really impressive for me. It's just too powdery and it has a lot of fall-out no matter what kind of makeup brush I use. Oil control isn't really something to talk about either. This is something I won't be repurchasing any time soon.

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  1. I agree with these being powdery! I've had these in Fresh Tomato and Sunkissed back in college and I loved how cheap they were. But when I found better performing blushes, I tossed these. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Careline! :) ❤️