18 May 2014

Wet N Wild Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned

Wet N Wild I'm Getting Sunburned

Say hello to my very first eye shadow trio from Wet N Wild.

I've heard lots of great things about the brand and they’ve been in the market for the longest time. I’m not the kind of person that jumps on the bandwagon every time there’s a new product or new trend but this time, I converted. I kept wondering why I was seeing all these Wet N Wild eye shadows on my news feed that I've decided to just try them. Man, have I been missing out. This brand has great dupes from high end lines and I’d say quality is pretty similar too. 

Wet N Wild I'm Getting Sunburned Wet N Wild I'm Getting Sunburned

Wet N Wild Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned Review
It doesn't have a mirror, but you do get two applicators with a sponge and a brush tip. I think the sponge is okay, it’s soft enough, but it feels like it easily rips off. For the brush tip, it's pretty hard to use. It's not super soft to begin with, and blending is something you'll get used to doing. 

These eye shadows are super pigmented and super creamy. This is the nearest thing to high-end eye shadows that I've tried and it's pretty similar to Urban Decay eye shadows. Of course some shades from Urban Decay applies to your skin like a dream and they're super silky, but these shadows are super creamy too, and almost has the same feel.

No doubt Wet N Wild’s eye shadows have cult following. Their trios and 8-pan eye shadows run through Instagram and I swear to you, almost everyone that I follow has Wet N Wild in their makeup collection. The swatches I made above are even very light and I didn’t have the need to dig down the shadows to get a good swatch.

This trio eye shadows have superb pigmentation. They're very creamy and they easily apply on your eyes. They're also not a hassle to blend using your eye brushes. And hey, these retail for just $3 which is super affordable for the quality. No wonder everyone says these are great dupes for high end colors. These are such a steal and every makeup lover should have one.


  1. I love the Wet N Wild eyeshadows as well. I just recently got the Comfort Zone eight pan palette and I cannot wait to try it out

    Walking on Eggshells is a must have for me, hope you get it soon

    1. Amazing pigmentation talaga. So much bang for your buck. Thanks! Currently looking for walking on eggshells as I type :D

  2. Where do you buy yours? Convinced na ako.

    1. Zalora. Metro dept. store ATC!! Tapos meron pang isa sa ATC din. forgot the name of the store that carries wet n wild :P

  3. Replies
    1. i think 299? bsta expensive haha. get it from online stores! half the price :)