18 May 2014

Milani Bella Rosa Baked Blush

Milani Bella Rosa

I've never been attracted to gold packaging before, but this blush just made me want to buy the whole range. Sometimes, packaging just gets the best of me.

Milani Bella Rosa Milani Bella Rosa

Milani Bella Rosa Baked Blush Review
This Milani Blush in Bella Rosa has better staying power than the other shade, Luminoso. A friend told me that that's the thing with baked blushes, they don’t have the staying power on oily skin. I don’t have a hand for this blush yet. I either put too little or put too much. When I do put too much I grab my foundation brush and use it to buff and sheer the color out. A little goes miles away.

I believe matte blushes are my thing because I have oily skin and I don’t like blushes with shimmers in it. I don’t want to add shine on my cheeks because I know that in three hours, I might shine bright like a diamond. This blush is super pigmented and has a wear time for a good six hours.

Packaging is super pretty. The downside? It's bulky. I haven't tried carrying it in my makeup kit just because I feel like it wouldn't withstand the abuse my bag takes on an everyday basis. The brush inside is something I wouldn't really use as it picks a lot of product and I still don't have a hand for this color.

Unfortunately, this isn't an everyday blush for me as I find that I need to do a lot of blending. It’s a good blush with good staying power, but it isn't something for girls on the go.


  1. Great review! I wanted to buy this for my everyday routine to avoid looking like a dead zombie, but I think hassle lang din kung kailangan pa ng blending nang bongga :)) Can you recommend a good blush brush for an even application? :) Thanks!

    1. blush brush? For me, I just use my Real Techniques multi task brush for blushes. I know a lot of people are using Marionnaud or ELF studio brushes! the black ones, I'd say the complexion brush or mineral powder blush :)