21 March 2014

Wet N Wild Megalast Vamp it up and Ravin Raisin

Wet N Wild Megalast Vamp it up and Ravin Raisin Review

Let me tell you about this purchase. I was sick. I had measles for the first time, yes I was 23 years old when I had measles and I was 21 when I had chicken pox. Like what the heck is wrong with my 
body? Right?


Anyway, I was sick and I couldn’t go out of my room for like two weeks. My fever was gone but I had boredom to battle, so whoever made online shopping is a super freaking genius. I was going through eBay, saw the brand Wet N Wild and in a blink of an eye, I bought it. No regrets here. 

I got two very interesting colors, Vamp it Up and Ravin Raisin. I know I’ll never be wearing these much or maybe even get to the half of the product, but you know what, it was different. The colors were new to my eyes and my lips, and I sure as heck wanted to know how I'd look like if I ever had black lips. Save it for November maybe?

Wet N Wild Megalast Vamp it up and Ravin Raisin Review

See how lipstick changed my look? Ravin Raisin on the upper left; Vamp it Up lower left; and Sophie Paris lipstick in Red Pepper on the right.

I found that the formula of Ravin Raisin was completely different from Vamp it Up. I felt that Vamp it Up was blotchy and hard to apply. I had to apply it whilst tugging my lips. It settles on your lip lines making it look drier than it is. I don't know if this is just my experience but it really was a struggle to wear. Meanwhile, Ravin Raisin was creamier. It doesn't really glide on my lips, but it's usual for matte lipsticks to be like that.

Both lipsticks are quite pigmented and they lasted about 3-4 hours with in between meals. It surely can be tagged as Megalast. No annoying smell. Color of the lipstick stays true to your lips with a little feathering as hours pass by. Packaging isn't the best as I find myself always nicking off some lipstick while putting the cap back.


  1. Oooh. I love the shades! But the formula really do differ from each other. There are some lipsticks that are okay, some that have horrible formula and some that are great. I still love the whole line though, in general :)

  2. Oh my, I've been missing a lot of your posts! I'm not receiving them tapos they flooded my feedly feed all at once.

    I used to have Vamp It Up but it's not the most practical color. Pero sobrang gusto ko nyang ravin raisin!

  3. Anyway, meron ngang inconsistency between colors. You described Ravin Raisin and Just Peachy as I would describe Wine Room. Yung Purty Persimmon and 24 Carrot Gold ko naman, parang Vamp It Up.

    1. Okay then, i'm not gonna be getting 24 carrot gold if it has the same feel as vamp it up :)

      Ate can you send me a swatch or a selfie with your Koshize lipstick in Rogue Chic or other shades you may have from the Sophie line. I'll be ordering some lippies and want to have an idea of the shades :)

    2. Sure. I'll post swatches via instagram. I'll write about koshize soon. Kaso wala ako ng rouge chic at daring raspberry right now. Binigay ko sa mom ko.

  4. Nga pala, here's an fotd wearing rouge chic