15 November 2014

Essence Gel Eyeliner

Essence Gel Eyeliner Review

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with this product.

Essence Gel Eyeliner Review Essence Gel Eyeliner Review

Essence Gel Eyeliner Review

Essence Gel Eyeliner Review
First, I loved it because it was so creamy, pigmented and it was waterproof. I've seen it with my own eyes! But then just about after two weeks I don't know what happened because it just started to murder my eyelids.

It comes in a glass jar and it claims to be waterproof. Well actually, if you really wait for it to set and not touch it at all, I believe it can live up to its claim. It doesn't have a harsh smell and it didn't make my eyes itch. It's also super easy to remove using an oil-based makeup remover or even my Etude House eyeliner eraser. It's very affordable at PHP 229.00 and widely available at Essence stalls in drugstores or SM/Watsons in Asia.

It's a truly black that's quite pigmented, but it dries ridiculously fast. You have to mix this with a primer or an oil, so that it can be creamy again which is really a hassle before using it every time. It also doesn't come with a brush unlike other gel liners do.

I still have mixed emotions about this product. I want to love this eyeliner because it's great for newbies, but it just dries really fast. If you're looking for a good eyeliner that doesn't smudge, this could be for you. But you'd always have to put primer on the product just to make it work. (No, the microwave method doesn't apply to this gel liner. I've tried it and it failed.) It's a good product, but such a hassle for me to use. I'll stick to liquid eyeliners for the mean time.


  1. You should try LA girl gel liner, I was supposed to but this essence pero ung SA ng la girl hinila ako (lol). Hindi siya nagdry dry and may brush na maganda ;)

    1. hinila talaga? lol. thanks sis! ttry ko yang LA girl soon. I'm not sure if meron sa SM. idk where to find it. but I think I saw it in Metro