19 February 2014

Nichido Lip Blush

Nichido Lip Blush Review Swatch

It seems like everyone loves the Nichido Lip Blush tint and I feel like I'm the only one with a different take.

Is it just me? Well, probably... read on for my full thoughts about this product.

Nichido Lip Blush Review Swatch Nichido Lip Blush Review Swatch

I was in search for a new tinted lip balm and some friends suggested getting this Nichido Lip Blush. I messaged them on Facebook for some swatches, and when I saw the photos, I definitely headed out the door to buy myself one Nichido Lip Blush.

But somehow I felt like it wasn't such a good choice.

Nichido Lip Blush Review
The color payoff of the Nichido Lip Blush is pretty good for a lip balm. It's pink with a sheen. Oh, and I love how it smells like bubble gum. It definitely brings out the inner 90s kid in me. Also, it's very affordable at only PHP 88.00 which is probably one of the reasons why my friends buy this lip balm over and over again.

I really did try to like it, but somehow, I find that it only keep my lips moisturized for about an hour, and then it slowly starts to settle into dry patches. It also transfers and feathers outside of my lip line whenever I eat. And most of the time I just really want to take the lip balm off. It just feels very greasy on my lips and this isn't what I really wanted. Don't get me wrong, I know lots of people love the Nichido Lip Blush, but it just feels to greasy for my liking.

I really wanted to love this, but I already gave it away.

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  1. Nice review, I might check this out since I do like the greasy kind of lip tints