8 May 2018

Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Review

Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Review

Last weekend, I met up with a few friends and they asked me if I was still using glutathione capsules. I answered no, I was not. I am not a regular user of glutathione or whitening capsules. I actually only drink them whenever I get tanned or sun burnt from beach trips. And since I just came back from a recent beach trip, I thought I'd share my quick thoughts about my go-to Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced.

Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Review
I know there are tons of whitening products and whitening pills out in the market. But for the past few years, this product has been my go-to. This also isn't the most affordable product that I've used, but I found that these placenta capsules to be the most effective when I want to see immediate results.

For this Mosbeau  product, you're advised to take four capsules a day which I find difficult. You see, I'm really bad at trying to remember to take vitamins... let alone having to take one product four times in a day. But I do feel like these capsules are easier to swallow since they are candy-coated and smaller than other glutathione capsules I've tried.

One thing I've also noticed while taking these capsules is I tend to drink more water. There's this thirst in my mouth whenever I take these for the first two weeks and I'm completely fine with it. I'm not a big water-drinker anyway, so if anything at all, I feel like this benefits my body too.

After about two to three weeks of intake is when I usually see a difference in my skin. No, it doesn't immediately lighten up my skin color back to normal pre-beach-days, but the first thing I would usually notice is a glow, and then it goes from there. When it comes to my pimples, I feel like it doesn't help nor worsen my pimple condition. It doesn't really affect it at all.

As for now, I think the best way to prevent your skin from getting sun burned or getting too tanned is to just use rashguards. It took me 27 years to let go of my two-piece bathing suits and just sticking to rashguards, but it's probably the best decision I've made last month. I still use sunscreens and SPF50 or more for extra protection. But if you're already tanned and you're looking for a whitening product, I'd totally recommend you to try this product out. I've tried a few glutathione capsules and this one's on the thumbs-up list. I believe this retails for PHP 1650 at drugstores and department stores.

If you have whitening products/capsules suggestions, do let me know! I still have a few summer getaways  lined up.

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