13 April 2018

Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review | Makeup in Manila

Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review | Makeup in Manila

Summer is finally here in the country and I am very unhappy.

I'm not very fond whenever seasons change. First, I have this seasonal allergy thing and it's quite frustrating since it affects my breathing. Second, I just particularly don't like the summer season because do you really want to sweat all day long? No, thank you. I already have my oily and acne-prone skin to deal with, so please let's not add the sweat.

Plus, my skin has been breaking out the whole month of March and I've been on a hunt for products that will work with my pimples.

Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review | Makeup in Manila Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review | Makeup in Manila

Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review | Makeup in Manila

I'm a big believer in products with witch hazel. You see, I've been previously using this witch hazel toner and it was really controlling the oil on my face, but for some unknown reason, it just decided to stop working. I think the second bottle that I bought was from an old batch and it really affected the effectivity of the toner, and so the search went on for products with witch hazel online...

I found this Beauty Bakery Multipurpose Pimple Spot Treatment online and it was only PHP 120. I thought... alright, since I already have a lot of acne on my forehead, there's no harm in trying this product out. I've been a little curious about Beauty Bakery too since I always see that their products are sold out.

Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment Review
It comes in this thin plastic packaging with a doe foot applicator which I am not a fan of. I just think that the doe foot applicator doesn't really absorb the extract, thus it also doesn't do a good job when I apply the product on my acne. The stopper is also very unpredictable... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, so do expect it to spill a little bit. I don't know, maybe someone dropped it in handling or whatever, nonetheless, I just try to store it standing up.

For the witch hazel extract itself, I'm very glad to report that it does work in drying out my pimples. It's just this clear liquid which doesn't have any sting and it also isn't sticky when it dries. It works best with white heads rather than cystic acne and it basically speeds up the healing process from a whole week to only a few days. This product is so effective on me that the other night, I decided to also order the witch hazel mist and I'm really excited because it's being delivered today.

I don't really mind the packaging of the Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment. I'm aware that it's supposed to be small in size and travel friendly. I just wish that the applicator was a bit bigger, so it could absorb more product. Actually, I also don't mind if they put this in a bigger bottle and made it as a toner or a serum. I would totally buy anything witch hazel from them.

Dear The Beauty Bakery, if you happen to do a witch hazel serum, please let me know as I'm a big fan.

This was my very first product from The Beauty Bakery and I'm excited to try out more. Have you tried any products from them?


  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoApril 13, 2018 3:05 pm

    Hirap tlga acne prone! Thanks dito sa review mo sis. Ung toner sna oorderin ko sa beautymnl kaso nag OS dati, pero meron na ata ulit stock.

  2. ANONG TONER!??? Yung astringent ba? OOS nga din, di ko na order. GRRR... Gusto ko ng everything witch hazel! Haha

  3. Ruby Anne De OcampoApril 13, 2018 3:55 pm

    Oo sis yung astringent naubos pla ulit agd hehe

  4. I haven't tried anything from them. Mero ako Celeteque acne spot corrector gel pero hindi ko pa binubuksan. Nagwo work pa kasi sa pimples ko yun NR aloe vera gel. Overnight lumiliit yun pimples ko. Paisa isa lang naman kasi kung sumulpot kaya 'di ko masyado problema. Mas problema ko yun oil.
    Ang allergy ko naman, sa malalansa na pagkain, penicillin at allergic rhinitis. Ang problema ko kpag mainit yun mas mabilis mag oily yun t-zone ko.
    By the way, thanks for sparing some time replying to our comments. We appreciate it.

  5. joan rafunzel medinaApril 18, 2018 2:45 pm

    Wala pa ako natatatry na product nila and thank you for this info. Sa totoo lang ngayon ko lang nalaman yang brand na yan. I hate pimples too. D naman ako madalas magkameron pero kapag nagkameron ako ng isa o dalawa super tagal niya bago mawala. "Hi Maj, I'm joining your April 2018 giveaway"

  6. Really? Bakit parang hindi gumagana sakin yung aloe-vera gels? Or maybe mali ang pag gamit ko? Haha. Do you use it as a mask lang , yung madami kang linalagay for a certain period of time lang then aalisin mo din? Moisturizer-type lang kasi pag gamit ko sa kanila. Kaya baka di ko ma-feel. Or baka may something special lang talaga sa NR na brand. I will buy it pag naka-kita ako sa mall!

    Yes. I'm really trying to reply na! Haha. I also appreciate you reading my posts and reviews and alam ko ikaw, years na din kitang reader! Thank you!!!

  7. You're so lucky! Ako more than 10 years ko ng kalaban ang pimples. Ano ba yan, nasa late 20s na ko, may acne padin. Haha. There's a lot of local brands now sa beautymnl!