12 March 2018

Makeup in Manila: A New Chapter

Maj Valencia Top Pinay Beauty Blogger Wedding Alta Veranda St. Benedict

Welcome to Makeup in Manila: A beauty, lifestyle, and interiors blog written by Maj Valencia-Rodriguez.

You may not believe me, but I have been staring at my laptop for the last four-and-a-half hours thinking about how I should write this post. And if you've noticed the Valencia-Rodriguez part of my name, it's true. I'm finally married to this amazing guy I met way back in college named Reggae. Pretty catchy for a name, right? You can call him Reg.

Maj Valencia Top Pinay Beauty Blogger Wedding Alta Veranda St. Benedict

Let's catch up!
I have been away from the beauty and blogging scene for over a year and I honestly didn't realize how difficult it was to go back to blogging. You could call it writers block, but I just couldn't really find the drive to write. I know other people would say take a vacation or what-not during times like this, but I felt like I just lost my creativity in writing and expressing how I feel. Words weren't coming out as freely as they did before.

Also during this hiatus, I noticed the changes in the Facebook and Instagram algorithms plus the rise of the social media influencers with their amazingly themed profiles. I felt like I couldn't catch up with these millennials who would post their amazing beach bodies just to promote sunscreen or post selfies featuring their super smooth and clear skin. These group of people were so fashionable that I felt like I didn't give justice to the word "blogger" whenever I would attend events under-dressed. Somehow I felt out of place, like I didn't belong in the community anymore. 

But then, the same year when I was gone, my blog started receiving awards from other countries. I've been featured in various websites naming me as one of the Top Asian Beauty Bloggers in the World, Top Filipino Beauty Bloggers you should follow, and so much more that I thought hey, wait a second. People are still reading my blog and they're actually interested in what I have to say? Like wow, how can that be? I've been gone for so long.

It only takes a little spark to start a fire...
Just today, I saw that I was featured again in another country and thought maybe I should go back? Maybe I should blog again? Maybe my readers will welcome me back? Maybe if I try hard enough, words will just free-flow... 

And so here I am, six hours and counting... still not finished writing this post...

Maj Valencia Top Pinay Beauty Lifestyle Home Decor Blogger

What's next?
Along with my new hyphenated surname comes two new topics being wife life, which features all my personal thoughts, daily life, and random musings -- basically stuff that I need to write down before I go crazy with all these new changes in my life -- and interiors which cover all pieces we bring into our new rooms and home. Where to get this plate? This coffee maker? How do I style my vanity table? Home pieces I am loving at the moment. 

Oh, you might also see a little bit of my decluttering journey. I've been reading up on minimalism and the Kon Mari method since 2016 and I have finally started to act on it. I've been focused on keeping only the items that bring me joy, and before you worry about my makeup collection, those items are surely on the to-keep list! I'd rather throw away clothes and shoes than items that make me happy. Lol. Probably missing the point, but they really have a special place in my heart.

Lastly, I want to be more candid and personal in my posts. In this world of doing things all for social media and being all curated to promote a fake lifestyle, I hope I become sort of a reality check for all my followers and readers that hey, this chic washes the dishes while wearing a foot mask because sometimes you just gotta multitask (so many of you loved that Instagram story BTW) Kidding aside, I just want to be able to post what I want whenever I want. I want to be that girl that's just trying to post her experiences upon using products while sharing bits and pieces of her life. I'll be old school blogging from now on.

Let me know if you think those pineapple jewelry holders are cute! 

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