4 July 2017

Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen Review

Ah yes, eyeliners. Probably one of my makeup must haves. Wait, a product that promises an all-day wear? Well, let me be the judge of that!

Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen
Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen has a soft and pointed tip for easier application and more defined result. It is also long-wearing and smudge-proof, so you won't have to reapply your eyeliner over again. Start slaying your everyday look with Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen.

Ever Bilena Kylie EB Advance Kylie Lipstick Review Swatch
 MOTD: L'Oreal Infallible Foundation in 106; Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate; Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen; EB Advance Lipstick in the shade Kylie.

I knew I lacked talent in the eyeshadow department, so eyeliners have become my go-to. I can actually make a decent eyeliner look in less than 5 minutes thanks to years of practice and salary deductions because I was always late. It's actually quite difficult to line my eyes because of my hooded eyelids, but you know what, it doesn't matter. As long as I feel like it defined my eyes, I'm happy with it.

This Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen is a matte black eyeliner that's quite pigmented and not too liquidy which I love! It dries fast enough that you don't have to go in front of the fan and wait for it to dry like the old days. AND it can set after like... 10 seconds. Love it. One thing I noticed though, is that it wasn't as black as I wanted my eyeliners to be (as black as my soul) no matter how many times I layer it up. 

When it comes to being smudge-proof, there were definitely times I've forgotten that I'm wearing this eyeliner and rubbed my eyes off. But instead of giving me panda eyes, it actually gave me a smokey eyeliner look. Like seriously, it looked like I smudged it on purpose and that I'm off to a party. It doesn't say anything about being waterproof, so I guess I'll have to stick with my Stila when I go to weddings, funerals, basically events where there's a lot of crying. Lol. But for a typical day at work in this tropical country, this can be a go-to. 

True to its claim, this Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen can last 9 to 10 hours without going a.w.o.l. on my eyes. Yes, it might look a little faded by the end of the day, but I actually don't reapply it anymore, as it still looks good on my oily eyelids. Plus points because it's easy to remove with micellar water or any oil-based makeup remover. The only other thing I've had a little trouble with would be the "soft pointed tip" which wasn't as soft on the first few days I was wearing this. I think it needs a little break inlike try to bend it a little bit on the back of your hands first while swatching it, so it can get a little flexible before applying it on your lids. After three weeks, the tip is now uber soft, and yet I can still create sharp and defined lines with ease.

This retails for PHP 200 and is available at your leading department stores.

If you're looking for an affordable eyeliner that dries fast and doesn't smudge like crazy, I'd definitely recommend this.

And hey, have you seen my new desk decor? I got the tall copper ones last year as a gift to myself, and you don't know how excited I got when I saw the smaller version of this geometric candle holder. It instantly takes my blog photos from normal to chic. I really love how my vanity table looks like right now! I also got a pineapple print, and some jewelry holders. I'm so into home decor right now. Is this because I'm getting married soon and I'm so into decorating? Haha. Got this from Robinsons Home Living.

P.S. Don't mind my smirk-face. I'm practicing my selfies! Haha. My gallery consists of 80% makeup; 10% Pinterest inspirational photos; 8% wedding-related; and 2% selfies.

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