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Mily Makeup Sticker Eyeliners

Have you ever heard about sticker eyeliners? If not, then Mily Makeup has some news for you.
Mily Makeup Metallic Glam Liners
A glossy and glittery flick eyeliner in just a few seconds.

These metallic Glam Liners will give you a glamorous, flirty and yet a super classy look. Great for romantic dinners, a cocktail or a luminous beautiful day makeup. Highlight your eyes and don't be shy when receiving compliments on your sparkly beauty. 4 of the 6 pairs are a little bit longer in order to accentuate the shape and beauty of your eye.

Content: One sheet contains 6 pairs of self-adhesive, ready-to-go metallic eyeliners in gold (2 pairs), silver (2 pairs), metallic green (1 pair) and metallic blue (1 pair).

Buy the Metallic Glam Liners here.

Mily Makeup Les Classiques de Mily - Black
A flawless line or winged eye in no time. Save time on your daily makeup with these self-adhesive, sticker eyeliners. Just peel off, apply and adjust. No hassle with your makeup and no makeup remover panda eyes. A perfect solution if you don't have a steady hand to line your eyes.

Enjoy the beauty of working out, dancing all night long or going to the beach and having a totally non smudge look.

The eyeliners are made of stretchable and perforated material. Thanks to the stretchy quality and the little pores they will adapt to eyelid movements and allow the skin to breathe. The thin material makes them comfortable to wear and after a few minutes they become imperceptible.

Content: One sheet contains 12 pairs of ready-to-go, sticker eyeliners (in 4 different shapes from a classic line to a winged shape).

Buy the Les Classiques de Mily here

MOTD: L'Oreal Infallible foundation in 106; EB Adance Brow Kit; Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Gemini; Mily Makeup sticker eyeliner.

How to use?
Delicately peel off the eyeliner from its base with clean hands while slightly bending the sheet. Make sure your skin is clean, not greasy or powdered. Apply as close as possible to the base of the lashes starting at the outer corner of the eye. Adjust if necessary. Fill in the little gaps between the lashes with mascara.

Eyeshadow and powder should only be applied after you have put on your eyeliners. Apply your mascara before sticking your eyeliners on. When you remove the eyeliners, just place them back on the original sheet.

I know sticker eyeliners sound crazy, but once I tried these Mily Makeup eyeliners on, it was quite brilliant. 

I'm definitely more of an eyeliner girl than an eyeshadow one, and my holy grail eyeliner for years has been the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. There have been definitely times where putting eyeliner on made me late for work, so I tried using these sticker eyeliners on for a change. I just peeled off one pair of eyeliners and applied it (using a tweezer) as close as I can get to the lashes and made sure that the wings were in the outer corner of my eyes. I just filled the inner corner with black eyeliner and connected it to the sticker, et voila, it's done. I now have equally winged eyeliners.

If you regularly use false eyelashes, then I'm sure applying these sticker eyeliners would take you less than a minute. Yes, it really is that easy. I noticed that these sticker eyeliners felt really soft and light on my eyes. It basically stretches and bends whenever I open and close my eyes, so I didn't experience any irritation at all. I love it that it's waterproof and that I don't need to use any makeup remover for these eyeliners. There isn't also any trace of glue whatsoever since it's an adhesive. Oh, and no smudging experienced of course. 

Also, I think the only time people would notice that you're wearing sticker eyeliner on would be if they really, really, really look closely at your eyes and face. You have to also make sure that the liquid eyeliner you're going to be using would match the color of these matte black sticker eyeliners so that it creates an illusion on the eyes.

All in all, these sticker eyeliners are really worth a try. The concept is so crazy, but it works. 

I love how the metallic eyeliners look. I think these would look amazing at night! 

How about you? Would you give sticker eyeliners a try?

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