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iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream Review

Today, I'm going to be reviewing the iWhite Korea BB cream again!

I reviewed this BB cream a year ago when it was still in a sachet form, but now that's in a tube bottle, I figured I should test it out again and see how it performs, if the formula changed et cetera.

iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream
iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream provides your skin natural coverage for that No Makeup makeup look! It is infused with 10 kinds of natural herbs to truly take care of your skin while making you look refreshingly great.

It makes your skin look a lot better and brighter as it has anti-aging and whitening properties that improve skin elasticity, enhance skin condition, lighten dark spots, acne marks, and overall skin complexion.

You don't need to worry about looking extra caked-up. It is so light that it gives you a natural no makeup makeup look. It is water-based which allows your skin to look refreshed and it frees your skin from experiencing the heavy makeup feeling by allowing it to breathe for a more comfortable everyday makeup look.

It is enriched with aroma herb complex. Nourishing your skin has never been this good with its aroma herb complex that is enriched with 10 natural plant extracts to make your skin even more glowing, healthier, and naturally beautiful. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin.

I actually reviewed this a year ago and here's a quick selfie so you can see how it was able to cover my eyebags.
Before and after with just one layer. (2016)

Fast forward to 2017...

iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream swatch (L-R): Beige and Light
iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream in Beige

Last time I tried this, it was still in sachet. A lot of people told me how it was very impractical to use as it would always spill, and that they always had to transfer it to a bottle or a tub just so they could bring it along in their makeup bag. Prayers were heard because now, the iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream comes in a 25ml tube!

I love the new packaging because it's super easy to squeeze out the exact amount that you want. I never really waste product unlike with my other foundations that comes in a so-so pump or a glass bottle that shatters the moment you drop it. It's really become super travel friendly. 

As for the texture and formula, I feel like it hasn't changed. It's not too liquidy that it runs through your hands, but it's still super easy to spread and blend whether you're using a sponge, brushes, or your bare hands. It still feels lightweight and it smells super good. I usually don't mind makeup products having scents, but this iWhite Korea BB cream just smells like dessert. I love it!

For people with sensitive and acne-prone skin, like me, I'm glad to share with you that I've been using this for the last two weeks and I didn't get any major breakouts. As you can see on the photo above, it still offers light coverage, which I actually prefer right now (because I don't care anymore about my acne blemishes. Haha) and you can only layer this up until medium coverage. For oil-control, I find that I need to blot my T-zone after four hours... the rest of my face is all good until six hours.

Does this BB cream make you look dewy like other BB creams do? My answer is no... but it doesn't have a matte finish either. I feel like it really does makes your skin look better. Gosh, if you have like super fair and smooth skin, this would really, really be perfect for you. Ugh, I wish I could have that! Lol. But really, even though I have a lot of bumps and blemishes, I feel like whenever I use this BB cream, I see a natural glow. If you look at the photos above, you'll notice that my eyebags looked lighter and that my skin looked more even. And that's probably the reason why a lot of people love this BB cream... it's just the perfect everyday BB cream for the no-makeup-makeup-look.

This is great for dry skin, and if you have oily/combination skin like me, you can use a primer, a finishing powder like this or a mattifying spray this summer. During the colder months here in the country, my skin usually goes dry and I don't really need to powder for the whole day when I'm using this. It also has SPF 10 PA+ which is good to hear -- I mean, I never really noticed that in the sachet before... but now that I'm getting older, I'm really looking for products with SPF and anti-aging properties such as this.

Overall, it's a lightweight light coverage BB cream that's super affordable and great for everyday use. I highly recommend it. iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream retails for PHP 159.50 and is available at your leading department stores.


  1. I'm in love with I white, I just hope that they can also improve the packaging like the QuickFX ones. Medyo messy kasi lalo yung peel off mask.

  2. I love their facial wash, the aqua moisturizer and nose strip. For quite sometime, i have been seeing a BBHolic sachet on FOTD posts of the bloggers i follow on IG. Just the other day, i thought of giving it a try so i went to 7-11 right away to buy a sachet. Good thing we have a neighbor 7-11 branch and the sachet is really affordable so i didn't have a second thought. The only shade available was Light. I thought it would oxidise on me so i gave it a go. Upon opening the sachet, i was surprised that the product is not really light and it still looked fine on my morena skin. I was hoping for more coverage but it is okay for everyday use. I'll just use concealer on my undereyes.

  3. Ive been using this for 3 days now and I really love it. I got the light shade since everything Ive tried oxidized on me and my face is like a shade or two darker than the rest of my body (I really dont know why) so the light shade is perfect for me though Im morena. Im using the EB Matte in Oriental to set it (I bought it after Ive read your blog about it and I love it too) and its perfect!!

    PS: I really love your blog! Found most of my holy grail in it. Thank you and keep it up dear 😘

  4. super agree. wish merong better way of sealing the sachet. i'm still using scotch tape for this, but my friends transferred it sa ibang lalagyan. wish mag labas pa sila ng two more colors :P

  5. agree. agree. and uy ah, quickfx meron ng big packagings. sana pati ung eye cream meron, gustong gusto ko un eh :D

  6. It's perfect for everyday makeup! Love it! ♥

  7. Ganda ng review. Makabili na nga lang 😊