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Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipstick Review and Swatches

Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Waterproof Lipstick Review Swatches
Anyone looking for water proof lipstick?

Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Waterproof Lipstick Review Swatches

Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Waterproof Lipstick Review Swatches
Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipstick in Seduction

Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Waterproof Lipstick Review Swatches
Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipstick Swatches (Top to Bottom) Innocence, Sassy, Passion, Royalty, Elegance, Seduction

Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipstick Swatches (Top to Bottom) Innocence, Sassy, Passion, Royalty, Elegance, Seduction

You know what, I think I have two set of friends... those who wear lip balms to the beach and go swimming, and then there's those who wear lipstick, bring a camera, and make aura! I'm very supportive of my friends whenever they want to make "aura" and I always had to bring an extra lipstick with me whenever their shade wasn't dark enough for the camera. Lol. 

Anyway, I'm here to introduce to you these new water proof lipsticks from Ever Bilena.

Packaging-wise, it's nothing fancy. It's made out of plastic and it's super slim that it can fit even your sunglasses case. It has a close and click feel, so you won't have to worry about sand getting inside your lipstick. 

It comes in six shades namely:
This is my favorite color. It comes off as a peach and it looks gorgeous on the lips. It doesn't wash me out like other peach-nudes, so it's a great color to wear on an everyday basis.

I seriously thought this was a non-wearable neon pink just like the packaging. But actually, it's a hot pink that screams less Barbie and more Legally Blonde like Elle Woods. It's something I would wear on a rainy day because it's a perfect pick-me-upper on a gloomy day. 

A wearable brown. I thought it looked similar to Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Port, but I was wrong. Port leans more towards red, and Passion looks a bit more plum/brown.

This is my least favorite among the shades. It was just so difficult to build up on the lips and also when I was swatching it on my arms. This shade applies patchy unlike the other shades. It looks like a slightly darker matte-r version of Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Vivid Violet.

This is another favorite color of mine. I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the shade. I was expecting another purple shade, but I was greeted with a maroon-ish gorgeous color. This comes off as super creamy too just like EB Advance creme but with a more pigmented and matte-r finish.

A true red which is super pigmented and creamy that I didn't need to layer it on the arm swatch above. This is a must-try if you love red lipsticks. I highly suggest you look at this color when you drop by Ever Bilena.

When it comes to the texture of these lipsticks, I found that some shades were creamier and more pigmented wherein you didn't really need to build the color up.., and then, there were some shades that was difficult to apply on the lips and patchy. I understand why the formula is a little weird (like sometimes it felt sticky while I was applying it on my lips) and it's just basically so the color sticks. I've had that experience with Innocence, Passion and Royaly... while I felt Sassy, Elegance, and Seduction were easier to apply.

When it comes to longevity, Innocence is definitely the first one to say goodbye because it's the lightest shade. It didn't give up without a fight though, as it was able to withstand a 4-hour wear. The darker and more pigmented shades was able to leave a tint, so it wasn't really that obvious when it started to fade -- I'd say a good 6 to 7 hours. Even if I completely removed the color with tissue, the darker colors stained and remained up to 10 hours. 

Overall thoughts about the Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipstick?
It really did offer an ultra-matte finish without drying my lips out. I like the packaging because it can fit in my sunglasses case and it has a close feel. I'm kind of on the fence with the amount of the product since it contains only 2g compared to an EB Matte Lipstick which weighs 3.6g. They're at the same price point, so I just quickly compared the amount of product between the two. What about the water proof claim? I find that these Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Water Proof Lipsticks were less likely to smudge and transfer to glasses... it's not totally water proof, but it does last longer compared to other Ever Bilena lipsticks.

I really recommend getting Seduction, Sassy, and Elegance since I found them to be the more pigmented and creamier shades. If you're looking for an everyday lip color, Innocence would be the perfect shade for you. 

These retail for PHP 165 and is available at your leading department stores.

Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoAugust 30, 2017 9:18 pm

    I love Innocence and Sassy! hehe dpa ako nkapg try nyan. kapag may bago labas ang EB prang gusto ko lagi bumili khit tag iisa sa collection nila hehe #lipsticklover lang dpa nman po addict lol! haha 😅