17 April 2017

L'Oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Color in Golden Nude Brown

From burgundy hair, I've gone back to brown.

I've recently switched up my hair color again. I tried out the Glam Works Hair Dye like three months ago, and even though I loved the color, I wanted to try L'Oreal's new browns. I originally wanted to dye my hair a little ash brown, but the SA at SM Makati told me Golden Nude Brown would show up better on my skin tone. I got this for only PHP 200 as they were having one of their 50% off weekend sales. I honestly wish I bought more to stock up.

This hair dye is probably one of the most gentlest ones I've used. It comes with a pre-color serum, the creme and developer you have to mix, and a protective conditioner which made my hair super soft after the coloring process. This isn't a one-day thing too unlike other hair dyes. My hair didn't feel dry nor damaged. It actually felt smoother and softer after the coloring process.

L'Oreal Excellence Fashion promises you a shiny and long-lasting vibrant hair color which proves to be true. Although it wasn't able to 100% cover my burgundy and turn it into golden nude brown, it was able to fully cover my black and grey hair.

This is a very good buy and be on the lookout for their 50% off sales. Better hoard up!

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