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Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel Review

How to heal a sun burn? 

Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel got my back -- or better yet, my shoulders when it came to healing my sun burn.

Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel
A Soothing gel that rejuventaes tired skin and calms the skin with the help of cucumber, other plant extracts and antioxidants.

How to use it?
Apply a suitable amount to the face and spread evenly.

We went to visit my mom at the cemetery last Sunday. I don't know what got into me, but I decided to wear an orange off-shoulder top (which isn't the brightest idea. I know). I used my usual sunblock on my face and I used a new body sunblock on my shoulders because I wanted to try that product out. Wrong move!

At the end of the day, I felt that my shoulders were getting itchy and burning, and that it was starting to look red like the photo above. I knew immediately that my skin got burnt. I immediately applied the Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel when I got home and re-applied before I went to bed. The next day, my skin didn't have that burning sensation anymore. I decided to take a bath and noticed that there was still some Cucumber Soothing Gel on my shoulders. I didn't realize that it was actually moisturizing and treating my skin while I was asleep.

The packaging literally looks like a cucumber which is sorta cute. The gel becomes super watery once it touches your skin, and it's super smooth and easy to spread on your face and body. Note that I find the Cucumber Soothing Gel a little sticky unless it's completely dried, but it really, really is moisturizing. I was also expecting the gel to have a "cooling" effect but it didn't. I guess my mind was probably thinking "mint and cool" which is way, wayy off for a cucumber. Lol. 

Overall thoughts? It calms irritated skin, treats and moisturizes dry skin, and the best part of all, it helped heal sun burn. I like how it stayed on my skin overnight (like the essence is still there) because I really felt like the gel was healing my shoulders while I was asleep. This Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel is a skin-saver. No wonder Esfolio's well-known for their skin care gel products.

Esfolio Cucumber Soothing Gel retails for PHP 349.95 and is currently available at They're also coming soon to beautymnl and will have a physical shop in Cebu! 

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