Akle Yu CC Cream Review | Best CC Cream for Oily Skin

I just found the best CC cream for oily skin.

Akle Yu CC Cream
Akle Yu is tinted and helps protect and revitalize your skin and even provides blemish coverage. Akle Yu is a breakthrough product that not only acts as moisturizer, it also serves as an anti-aging product, primer, and foundation in one.

I never really believed in CC creams just because I felt like they lacked the coverage I wanted. I also didn't like how they made my oily skin look oilier because they mostly offer a dewy finish. But hey, not this time... this Akle Yu CC Cream is definitely an exception. I got this product when I went to the Up & Up Launch event. I didn't really expect much from it, but here I am, still using this product straight up for like two months.

Packaging is amazing being all gold and all, but no, really, it has one of the best pumps ever. You can really control how much product you need. Too bad almost all of the instructions and descriptions are in Korean, so I had to check their website at Beautique.

I just use my fingers whenever I apply this Akle Yu CC Cream and I find it really easy to blend. The liquid shows up as white, but changes color and adapts to your skin tone as soon as you blend it out. It doesn't really have a full yellow undertone, but it isn't super pink and grey either. It offers light coverage. It doesn't really cover my red acne scars nor my dark blemishes, but I find that it looks amazing whenever I apply this on my under-eye area. I feel like it makes me look alive. Lol. This product doesn't make my face look dewy, but it does have a little healthy glow. It also makes my face a little lighter by one shade, so I always use darker foundation powder when I'm setting it.

During the colder months, I'm telling you, I never needed to retouch for like 10 hours. This was a holygrail back then. But now that it's summer, I usually retouch 4 or 5 hours after application. Still, it has better oil control compared to other CC creams I've tried. This is a multi-functional product that can serve as a moisturizer, a primer, and even an anti-aging cream. It doesn't feel heavy at all, so if you're lacking coverage, you can definitely apply foundation over it. As for color correction claims, I'm using a whitening serum for my acne scars, so I can't totally say that this product worked solely, but I can say that it helped. It didn't give me breakouts nor rashes either.

Overall thoughts? I love it... especially during the colder months! This CC cream really surprised me in all the good ways I could imagine. I'm still using it everyday for work as I like the light coverage and how easy it is to use. I don't really use primer anymore, so it's just Akle Yu CC Cream + Ellana Mineral Foundation Powder. Sometimes I use my Biore SPF before this CC Cream on warmers day for extra oil control.

You can get this product at the Eren McKaye Store in Fisher Mall or you can order online through their website or at @beauty_essentialsbyem on Instagram. This retails for PHP 850, but is currently on 50% off. It also comes in 35 ml, so it's 5ml more compared to other bb/cc creams. I'd say that's a steal!

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