15 February 2017

Glam Works Hair Dye in Burgundy Review

Did you know you can have burgundy hair for just PHP 49?

Red has never been a favorite color of mine because I always incorporate it with Jean Grey from X-Men. I hate her!! I mean how can you choose Wolverine over Cyclops? Lol. 

Anyway, you might be surprised on why I have a new blogpost today. I know I've already warned you guys that I'm super busy with planning everything and that I really can't write regular posts anymore... but I've also been super stressed. Just 20 minutes ago, I was crying like shit. I booked my church and venue today and yet, I feel like my family members aren't happy. It's like everything I'm doing is wrong and they already told me that they won't help me anymore. Whew, saya diba? I really feel shitty and I wanted to get things out of my mind, hence, I blogged. 

Besides, 367 more days of this mind torture of wedding planning and it's done. Push!!

Back to the Glam Works Hair Dye review!

My hair color right now is a mixture of burgundy, brown and black. I've always used this as my hair color but I wanted to try something new. While browsing SM Beauty in Makati, I got curious with this Glam Works Hair Dye and bought it. Besides, it's only PHP 49. What could go wrong?

The hair dye comes in a sachet and you basically apply it just like shampoo over your damped hair. Oh, and it has gloves unlike more expensive brands in the market. Details like ingredients and directions are labelled properly. I noticed that it doesn't have a strong smell and I didn't feel any stinging unlike other brands, so I guess this hair dye is pretty mild. I waited 30 minutes before I washed it off and I'm happy to say that it didn't leave any tint on my skin. I applied Hair Treats immediately after coloring just to avoid more damage on my hair and it feels super smooth (sometimes dry) right now.

After a day, I noticed that it didn't really color the "inside part" of my hair and the top two inches from the scalp. I mean it's only PHP 49 from SM Beauty and Watsons, what more can I ask for? Haha. I wasn't really expecting a big bang from this product, but it actually performed better than expected. I mean my hair does look burgundy-ish-red especially when it hits sunlight, so I'm satisfied with the color being more pigmented than expected. Ohh, and I just remembered using the same brand and applying it to the lower 3-4 inches of my longer hair years ago for an ombre effect. I'd definitely use it again for that purpose. But for coloring my entire crowning glory? Nope. I'd still stick with Pixxel or other brands for that. I think this would be great for coloring your hubby's gray hairs since they don't need a lot of product... or you can also use this for highlighting :)

Are you willing to try burgundy hair for just PHP 49? Spice up your 2017 look!

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