Detail Make Over Stannic Matte Lipstick Review and Swatches

The best dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Metals.

Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipstick
A metallic liquid lipstick with a soft, vibrant finish perfect for a futuristic frosted pop of color. It delivers high-impact metallic color; sets to a velvet matte; long-lasting, comfortable formula; moisturizes and nourishes lips to keep them from drying out.

One layer of Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipstick
Left to right: Detail Makeover Pleades, Canopus, Rigel, Polaris

Two layers of Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipstick
Left to right: Detail Makeover Pleades, Canopus, Rigel, Polaris

Two layers of Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipstick
Left to right: Detail Makeover Pleades, Canopus, Rigel, Polaris

I had a little free time last week and I was able to catch up on some YouTube videos. I noticed that there was a trend with the suggestion videos on my home page and it was as if all the beauty vloggers I'm watching were wearing the same collection of lipsticks. I thought oh, so "Kylie Metallics must be trending huh?" I tried Heir just to see the formula and the hype around it, and what do you know... I've had dupes all along in my makeup collection. 

The best dupe for Kylie Metallics are the Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipsticks. If you're also a fan of MAC Lipsticks with a frost finish but find that it's drying and patchy after a few hours, I suggest you get these Stannic lipsticks instead.

First of all, the packaging looks great. I like the pink metallic boxes that it comes in and the rectangular shape which I think is very cute and reminiscent of Jouer lippies. I also love the paddle applicator that it comes with. It's so much better than the new wands from Colourpop. Yes, I repeat, Colourpop changed their wands. Click here to see the new wand. You know what, I think Detail Make Over is one of the best local brands in my collection right now. Even their Matte in Detail lippies made a big bang with me. Oh, and these Stannic lipsticks smell like tutti fruity grapes too. It smells like candy and I'm kind of addicted to it. Lol.

Formula-wise, it's one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I've ever tried. It's feels very light on the lips and it just glides on smoothly. Once the formula dries, it's feels a little similar to my Anastasia Beverly Hills or even lighter. Pigmentation is amazing because even though I'm using the lightest shade, Polaris, I was able to achieve full color with just one layer on my lips (see swatches above). If you want to build up the color for fuller looking lips, no biggie, go layer all you want. These colors do not have flecks of glitter nor shine, but there's actually a certain sheen and it looks very MAC frost in my opinion.

One of my favorite things about these Detail Makeover Stannic Matte Lipsticks too, is that they stay all day. Well, almost half of the day -- I can attest to a decent 7-hour wear with meals in between. I believe I wore this from lunch time all the way to dinner time and it never felt heavy, drying, nor did it fade horrendous on me. It never made my lips crack and it never feathered outside my natural lip line. It's truly longlasting.

So, there you have it. I only have great things to say about these lipsticks and no cons. I promise they are really comfortable and the formula is very similar to higher end products. If you're like me who's really more into natural looking colors or MLBBs, I think the best shades for us are Polaris and Rigel. It's still into the pink-mauve-nude shades and you can opt to apply them only at the center of your lips to make them look fuller :) I hope they come out with more nude/brown/taupe shades. It would be interesting what I'd look like with taupe frost lips.

These are available online at BeautyMNL for PHP245, and if you want to know where their physical stores are so you can have a swatch fest, click here for the list. I also love their Detail Make Over Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks, and you can click here for the swatches. 

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