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Ever Bilena Powder Foundation Review

A product I keep going back to.

I have gone through a lot of compact powders over the years and I always find myself going back to this Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in the shade oriental. I don't know what the magic is, but I just find myself drawn to it. I have 10 or more powders inside my vanity drawers -- nope, I'm not kidding -- but whenever I see this powder in the mall, I just find myself smiling and thinking "ahh, I remember this. I love this! I should buy it again."

Ever Bilena Powder Foundation
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation is a breakthrough formulation that is skin responsive. A makeup that thinks for your skin -- it releases hydration exactly where you need it while absorbing excess oil on your skin. Ever Bilena Powder Foundation keeps skin looking great and protected from sun damage all the time.

For me, it's a very dependable powder for only PHP 220. Packaging is a little bulky but it's totally fine since it separates the sponge from the powder itself + there's a mirror. Besides, it's easy to clean unlike the packaging of NARS, which I have a love/hate relationship with. The sponge it comes with works perfect with the powder too, giving me a matte medium coverage in just one layer. 

For the powder itself, during hot summer days, it takes me about four hours before I touch up on my T-zone. During colder months like January, probably five or six hours, sometimes I don't even bother retouching just because I'm in the office the whole day.

This powder never broke out my skin and it doesn't really oxidize on me either. You can use this wet for full coverage and if you're wanting a lighter touch, just use a fluffy powder brush. If you have very oily skin and you find yourself looking cakey throughout the day, just blot with oil control films or tissue before applying powder. A simple tip, but I promise it works!

If you find this powder heavy for you, another powder I love is the Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake Powder. I'm also in the shade oriental and I find that powder lighter than this.

Have you tried this powder? Do you have any tips to avoid looking cakey? :)

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  1. I used to own one. Not suitable for travels. The powder broke and spilled all over my bag. But definitely, this is a great powder for 220php :)

    1. Whew good thing the compact hasnt given up on me yet. The refill is better since it's thinner and the i dropped it like 5 times and it didnt break. The collection cosmetics powder is pretty great too. Accidentally dropped it at 5 feet and it was a miracle. I feel like that it's the best powder that i have right now in terms of packaging for clumsy people :)

  2. Reviewed this too! Loved it as well for a while but doesn't work with certain foundations (cakes up) broke too when I hit pan :(

    1. I hit pan on the refill of this and it didn't break on me. Whew. I agree. I just put it on my t-zone area when I use other foundations coz I did notice that. Works well with my Maybelline Dream Mousse though :)

  3. Replies
    1. i'm not sure. all thats important to me when i got it was it had oriental lol. i think they have five shades :)