12 December 2016

Hair Treats Hair Spa Review

I've never been into hair-care. I'm honestly one of those persons that dread going to salons to get a hair cut just because I'm annoyed of people telling me "Oh, you need this treatment... you need that... your hair is so damaged..." blah, blah, and so much more. It annoys the heck out of me.

If you've been reading my past posts, you might have noticed that I recently changed hair colors. One was when I used this, the following week, I used this. And after about three weeks, I dyed my hair once again + got a haircut and it looks like this. Yes people... I basically committed hair suicide. Haha. 

So, what was the result of all that hair dying?  Super dry hair + split ends.

And because I got super guilty because I wasn't really taking care of my hair, I decided to look for hair treatments in Watsons and found this baby. It's super affordable at like only PHP 80 a tub and it works really great. It smells quite relaxing, it's easy to apply onto you hair, and it's easy to wash off. The best part is it really made my hair softer again with only two or three uses. I used this like once a week, and even though it doesn't say on the instructions that you need a shower cap, I find that it works better if you use it with one.

I just apply it on my damp or dry hair, wear a shower cap, wait 30 minutes, wash it off and ta-da, I wake up to softer hair the next morning. I love finding little treasures in Watsons!

Have you tried this Hair Treats Hair Spa? How did it work for you? :)

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